July 24, 2007

This weekend I walked my biggest dog to date. Zeus is a mere 120 lbs. Just look at that cute face!


And that isn’t all…I also walked his mother Sam, only 100 lbs, at the same time.


Needless to say, my biceps got a workout. They were both very well behaved (thank goodness!). But even better than that, they were very cuddly. I quite like cuddly dogs but the temperature was up above 30 degrees and having one huge Rottweiler cuddled up against my left leg, and the other one cuddled up against my right, wasn’t very comfortable. Hopefully I’ll get to walk them when it is -30 C. I think I’ll appreciate their cuddles a little more then!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What sweethearts! I love rotties.Renee :)