Day 2

August 14, 2007

Today was just as much fun as yesterday…in fact more so because it wasn’t as stressful in the morning doing all the dog introductions because most of them had met the day before. Coulee almost pulled my arm off in excitement when we walked up to the door. She was a little dissapointed she was the first to arrive. icon smile Day 2

We are getting things more and more organized each day as we figure out what we need, and are missing. For example, I went out and bought some bins today to keep all the dog’s leashes, food, etc. in so nothing will get mixed up.

All the dogs got along really well today so we just had one big playgroup. They were all exhausted again by the afternoon and I’m sitting here with two very sleepy puppies (Tazzie is visiting for a while).

We are experiencing some technical difficulties…the internet won’t be up for a few days (I can still check my e-mails at night and in the morning from home…) and our debit machine won’t arrive until next week but other than that, things have all gone much smoother than I could have even dreamed. Amanda is a wiz with the dogs and has already taught them “gate manners” so they don’t all try and slip through the gates every time you go in and out.

If you haven’t already done so, come on down and take a peek!

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