November 20, 2007


Tala is one of the dogs rescued from the Reserve by the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue. She stayed with Marlin and I initially for about a month, then went off to a new foster home who was considering adopting her but in the end decided it wasn’t a good match. So she came back to us and we’ve had her now for about 3 weeks. She needs to leave. Soon. We are falling in love. Actually I think we’ve fallen in love. Unfortunately we don’t have the time or resources right now to give her everything she needs or we’d probably adopt her. She loves to cuddle. She isn’t allowed on the furniture, with one exception.

I usually head up to bed around 9 p.m. and Marlin follows about 20 minutes later (after watching sport highlights). Tala and Coulee wait patiently (okay, not so patiently) for me to get into bed and at the “OK” they hop up with me. Tala runs straight for me, pushes her head into my neck and throws her little body up against me. She’s allowed to stay there until Marlin comes up and then she sleeps peacefully in her crate.

She is great at the daycare, she loves to play with lots of other dogs, she isn’t a big barker (I know she is barking in the video but that is only because everyone else is!) and she is great on off-leash walks…unless a jogger goes by. Then she gets really excited and jumps up and down while running along beside them. It is pretty funny to watch – not so funny to the jogger who is just trying to get some exercise.

So if you know of anyone who would love an active, sweet, medium sized dog, please get them to contact the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue!

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