Indoor Pictures

January 31, 2008

With a little help from Back in the Pack (who takes amazing indoor daycare pictures), I’m trying out some different settings on my camera to see if I can get better indoor shots of the dogs. With the cold weather, we are outside much less (which means less photo ops) and lots of cute stuff happens inside that we can never share because the pictures never work. So yesterday, I took around 50 pictures and had about 6 half decent ones – if the dogs were moving, it was blurry. So I thought I’d share my first attempts.

This is Moxie trying to convince me to throw the ball. Indoor PicturesKoda is snuggled up at the end of a long day.
 Indoor PicturesJack is also snuggled up at the end of the day.
 Indoor PicturesHere is a three way tug with Sandy, Maggie Mae and Ponz. Don’t ever try and play tug with Ponz…you’ll lose. Guarranteed!
 Indoor PicturesKinsey is waiting for Sandy to throw a toy.
 Indoor Pictures

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  1. Sarah says:

    way to go wendy, those look great!!