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Speaking of Sharing…

January 16, 2008

I just went into the play area a few minutes ago and despite dogs barking and playing and Marja vacuuming, these two were curled up together fast asleep. Aren’t they sweet?!

 Speaking of Sharing...


January 16, 2008


Many of you who come to the daycare have probably met Emma by now. She is a very sweet little girl who finds the dogs in the back a little too much for her. We tried over and over again to introduce her to the calmest and smallest and youngest dogs but she prefered to hide under a chair. So now, she spends most of her day hanging out with one of us on the desk. In the afternoons, when it is close to the time to leave, she pops her head up to see if the person coming through the door is her mom or grandma. She is very well behaved and we can leave her on the desk unattended for short periods of time and she just curls up and sleeps.


Today I made a Starbucks run and brought back a “Blended Coffee Frappuccino with Whip and Mocha Drizzle” for Amanda. Amanda made the mistake of leaving it on the desk with little Emma….


Emma did have the good grace to look guilty when Amanda realized all her whip cream was gone.


January 15, 2008


Gyp is a very photogenic dog as Sarah’s flickr site will attest to. We got some pretty nice shots of her during the rare moments when she was still.


This is what generally happens when she is moving…



January 14, 2008

Here are a few more shots from Liz from the weekend. I don’t know what the dogs enjoyed more – playing with each other or visiting with the people.

janna+geneva+lacey 3033 Visiting

Lacey is getting her belly rubbed (her all time favorite thing) by Janna while Geneva waits patiently for her turn. It looks like Lacey is trying to bite Janna’s nose – her second most favorite thing. icon smile Visiting

dog+park+hugs 3043 Visiting

Tinbie is enjoying “bum rubs” from me. You can see Neena in the foreground and Geneva, Lacey and Bosco in the background.

Ring of Fun

January 14, 2008

So Purolator stopped outside the daycare today and we sat and wondered what it was that we had ordered….it was the camera being returned to us! Yippee! We had to instantly go and test it.

Cruz+Collage Page000 Ring of Fun

Cruz was having a great time with the “ring of fun”. He loved racing around with it and being the centre of attention.

And then Barley got a hold of it and had just as much fun as Cruz.

Barley+collage Page000 Ring of Fun

These are all courtesay of Liz – Thanks Liz. I especially love the one of Lacey but I might be a tad bit biased. icon smile Pictures from yesterday.

fun 3022 Pictures from yesterday.

Here is a few of the gang – Geneva the pointer on the left, Maeby the basset hound in the background, Tinbie the flatcoat retriever, Neena the boarder collie and little Lacey, the pug cross.

basset+meets+flatcoat 2996 Pictures from yesterday.

Pipit and Maeby checking each other out.

basset 2981 Pictures from yesterday.

Maeby – don’t you love those ears!

lacey 3002 Pictures from yesterday.

And speaking of ears…little Lacey is with the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue and is still in need of a good home.

Indoor Fun

January 12, 2008

Well today was the first day of our Indoor Dog Park (Saturdays all winter long from 11-1) and it was fun. It was nice to have people and not just dogs to talk to! The doggies that joined Lacey and I were: Tinbie, Lupine, and Pipit, (All from Blazingstar. Liz took some pictures that I hope to see on her Flickr site!) Maeby (a very cute basset hound – I loved the way her wagging tail made her bum wiggle too!), Bosco (a gorgeous setter/pyrnese cross who loves to run and play), Neena (yes the Neena that was with the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue – it was great to see her again), Bobby (a shep. cross? Bobby was definitely the most popular dog there!), and Geneva (a beautiful pointer with a personality to match). I hope to see you all next Saturday!


January 11, 2008

Who knew tug-of-war could be a three dog sport?

More Labs in Love

January 9, 2008

We can’t talk about labs in love and not mention Gus and Maggie Mae! They have been smitten with each other since the day they met.

Don’t you just love the guilty look on Maggie Mae’s face when she realizes they’ve been caught on video?

Big and Small

January 7, 2008

Sometimes who is going to like who is a complete surprise. Kobe, loves Lacey. And Lacey loves her right back. Kobe spends most of the day following little Lacey around. At first, Lacey was scared of the big hairy dog on her heels, but she quickly decided that Kobe could be pretty fun to play with. This is just a short clip because the phone rang and interupted them! I should mention, Lacey’s head is wet because I was spraying her everytime she started play tug-o-war with my pant leg…which was often!