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March 27, 2008

Hoover New Toy

Who knew a machine that cleans would make me so happy! We ordered the Hoover All-Terrain Steam Vacuum a month ago from ebay and it finally arrived. Just ask Amanda how impatient I have been. Our indoor play area is almost 3,000 square feet which is quite a bit bigger than my house (including the basement!). So as you can imagine, vacuuming and mopping it every day can be a chore. Especially when you consider the 20 odd dogs that are running and playing all over it every day.

Mopping is okay for small jobs, but for such a dirty floor we found we would literally have to be refreshing the water every few minutes to get a truly clean floor. This obviously isn’t very practical. Hence the steam cleaner.

 New Toy

When I thought about blogging about this new addition it made me wonder if I had ever officially announced the new additions to the Paws on the Run staff! I don’t think I have! That is Jolene above with the steam cleaner (see that dirty bucket of water!!!). She is working with me in the afternoons. And get this. She wants to clean! A woman after my own heart. Our other new addition is Sandy, who I’ve posted pictures of before here… Sandy is holding down the fort on Saturdays as she still has a “day job” that keeps her busy during the week.

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  1. onecollie says:

    Hey Wendy, good shot!!! Jolene