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Hide and Seek

March 4, 2008

Is there someone in there?

 Hide and Seek
 Hide and Seek
 Hide and Seek

Yup! It’s Dory.

Dory is still looking for a home…she is unbelievably cute, friendly and smart.

Atlas is a big drool producer. I imagine slobber all over the walls, all over the house. Every time he shakes his head it goes flying – often on other dogs but it also lands on himself!

 You Reap What You Sow

All by myself

March 3, 2008

Who says you need someone else to play with a tug toy? Charlee and Barley both did fine on their own.

 All by myself All by myself


March 1, 2008

We thought Jenna going down the slide was particularly cute so we brought out the video camera. Here is a really short clip.