Rescue Fundraiser

March 31, 2008

 Rescue Fundraiser

Well the adoption fair was a success! There were lots of people interested in the dogs and quite a few got adopted. My favorite girl Rika, unfortunately was not. She can jump a 6 foot fence and understandably, that causes some people to hesitate. Poor girl. She really is a sweetheart! You can find out more about the day (and little Rika) on the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue’s blog.

The rescue managed to raise over $600 with a raffle and by selling some really yummy homemade treats. Our dogs’ favorites are the pumpkin pie and the Applesauce Cheddar but they are all quite good. They still have some left so we will be selling them at the Daycare (242 12 St N) this week – they cost $10 for three bags or $3.50 per bag. The money raised will go towards vet bills and other supplies (crates, collars, food, etc.)

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