Slushy Snow

April 21, 2008

 Slushy Snow

The dogs are having a great time running through the snow. We, on the other hand, are not having a great time standing out there in the cold (I know a bit pathetic but I’m sick, so I deserve a break) so we have no good pictures today. The dogs have to sit perfectly still for a picture to turn out. This is the best I got…I hope it satisfies you!

 Slushy Snow


  1. onecollie says:

    OOOPS… comment came through here!!!!about the beef “chewy”

  2. onecollie says:

    Ah Ha! I told knew you were getting sick when you kept sneezing the other night!You should change the name on the rawhide box to beef “Chewy”!!!

  3. K9-CRAZY says:

    The shepherd photo looks almost like an old oil paining, it’s beautiful.