Fetching Mania

May 30, 2008
 Fetching Mania

Some dogs love to wrestle and play, other dogs love to fetch and will only wrestle and play when we refuse to throw the ball. Tucker, Kinsey and Coulee are all examples of dogs that would rather play fetch above all other activities. If we threw the toy for 11 hours, they would fetch the toy for 11 hours.

 Fetching Mania Kinsey waiting patiently for the toy to be thrown.

 Fetching Mania Tucker standing close to make sure I don’t forget. Coulee’s strategy is to stand where she thinks I’m going to throw it so she gets there first.

 Fetching Mania

Vito thinks fetching is a spectator sport. He has the best seat in the house – my lap!

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  1. Dee Brause says:

    Cool! What an incredible contest!