Full Week

November 21, 2008

Well it has happened… We were full EVERY DAY this week! Phew. With more dogs comes: less time for taking pictures and blogging (have you noticed?) and everyone’s favourite, more cleaning! icon smile Full Week

While we’ve been getting busier, we’ve been doing lots of talking about what needs to change now that we are turning dogs away most days. While we still haven’t found a good solution (I’m not sure there is a perfect one out there), we are getting closer to making some decisions and some changes. You’ll be the first to know when anything changes!

And so this isn’t all dry and boring, I leave you with a cute collage of pictures of Shandi (Beagle) and Rooney (Doodle) having fun. Click on the image to see full size.

roonyshandi Page000 Full Week

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  1. miradukesadie says:

    new daycare!!!! new daycare!!!!