Weekend Visitor

November 15, 2008

Have you started preparing for Christmas yet? Well it has been on my mind lately and I started to worry about what Chewy would do when we close the daycare over the holidays. She has never lived anywhere else (well that may not be exactly true, but she was still just a kitten when she was dropped off at the daycare as a stray) but we knew she would be pretty darn lonely even if someone visited her every day.

 Weekend Visitor

So Chewy had her first adventure in a home. There was a whole lot of hissing and growling going on last night between her and my own cat Lu, but they seemed to have worked out an agreement. As long as Chewy stays out of Lu’s line of sight, they are happy. icon smile Weekend Visitor It is pretty funny to watch Lu walk into the room, oblivous of Chewy and then suddenly spot her.

Ironically enough, Chewy just wants to be friends with Lu and will actually try and lay down close to her, but she wants nothing to do with Coulee and Lacey. Maybe she is finally starting to figure out she is a cat and not a dog.

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