Best Buddies

January 15, 2009

Don’t let these faces fool you… Paden and Zeus are the best of buds.

 Best Buddies


  1. onecollie says:

    I will do that just for you Sandy!!He’s already used to me squishing his nose….you should see how good he is now with the evening chores!

  2. miradukesadie says:

    Thanks Jolene! Make sure he knows there from me. He like when you kiss is floppy rubber lips as well. Could you please give him one of those from me too? lol!!!

  3. onecollie says:

    don’t worry Sandy…I give him hugs from you all the time!

  4. miradukesadie says:

    I miss Paden.

  5. onecollie says:

    now that is a great picture!!!