One Day Only

June 23, 2009

That is how long I could stand cleaning the play area. But let me start at the beginning…

When Jolene first started working with us, we made a deal. She didn’t want to have to learn the “computer stuff”, so in turn, she would stay in the back with the dogs and clean at the end of the day. A match made in heaven! I mean really, cleaning is not fun. Imagine having a 3,000 square foot house that you’ve let 30 or so dogs run around in all day. And now imagine the hair and dirt and having to vacuum and steam clean it each and every day. That is not my idea of fun. But that is what Jo has to do every day.

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When Jo first started, after vacuuming we mopped the floors. Then we upgraded to a little upright steam cleaner. That only survived around 6 months of daily use before we upgraded to a commercial steam cleaner that we affectionately call Archie. We LOVE Archie. Nobody minds steam cleaning anymore. It is actually enjoyable.

But the vacuuming is still painful. It is slow (takes 1-1.5 hours) and hard on your back. Jolene is on vacation this week so one of us has to do the cleaning every night. So last night, that was me. And today I hurt. Apparently I am not as young as I used to be! So, I went out and bought a new vacuum.

Jo, if you are reading this don’t get too excited… It will never be as fun as driving Archie, but it has a funky ergonomic handle and has a better attachment for the floor. The hose won’t come out of the handle every few strokes and it has a better motor so it should pick up more hair and dirt and do it faster. It is also quieter and has better wheels. I hope it will make your job at least a little better. Especially as you aren’t back for a week and I need to clean again tonight. icon smile One Day Only


  1. Hey Greg, many thanks for sharing your experience with Interface Talent Network and the whole process in general. Glad to know it’s not scam!

  2. onecollie says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww for me !!!!! I didn't mind Edith…really, will I like the new one?? Did you keep Edith! LOL!!Thank you for appreciating what I do…..I don't mind, really I don't!See you tommorrow hopefully!

  3. Mrs. JP says:

    You know, I'm so thankful for your sensitivity to her. You experienced her job and made it better. That is a good and descent way to be (there's not enough of caring about others enough to take action.) Jolene is certainly gonna appreciate what you've done.I applaud you all. You have a great job but there's hard work that goes into making your place look so nice, as it always does. Kudos and God bless you all.