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Double Trouble

July 31, 2009

Remember those puppies I told you about on Tuesday? Well meet Toby. Chance’s little brother.

IMG 6344 Double Trouble

He is almost the spitting image of his big brother and has the same fun personality.

IMG 6404 Double Trouble

Between the two of them, I am sure they are quite the handful!

IMG 6427 Double Trouble

Have a great long weekend!

Sunshine Dog

July 30, 2009
Do the newspapers still have Sunshine Boys/Girls?  I think Sunshine Dogs would be much more fun.

 Sunshine Dog

New Faces

July 29, 2009

We’ve had quite a few new faces this week. Monday was the day for puppies (sorry no pictures!) but Tuesday was the day for handsome lads (and I remembered the camera).

May I introduce you to Dexter..

IMG 5577 New Faces

And Murphy…

IMG 5403 New Faces

Aren’t they cute?


July 28, 2009

Duke is enjoying the cooler weather and rain. To celebrate he thought it would be fun to try and catch the raindrops.


Lots of Moxie

July 27, 2009
I think Moxie’s name, fits her to a T.

IMG 4521 Lots of Moxie

vigor, verve, pep

IMG 4729 Lots of Moxie

This girl only stood still when waiting for the toy to be thrown and even then you could feel the energy radiating from her.

IMG 4527 Lots of Moxie

One of my favourite things about watching dogs run is that you can tell that they are doing something that they LOVE to do. 

IMG 4561 Lots of Moxie

Thank you Pat and Moxie for a great time.  We can do that again any time!

IMG 4461 Lots of Moxie

Teaser – {Moxie}

July 25, 2009

I met Moxie and Pat this morning for a photo session down at Popson. Moxie was the perfect model. This is hands down, my favourite picture from the morning. I think it captures her intensity, athleticism and sense of fun. More to come soon.

IMG 4546 Teaser – {Moxie}

Pick Me Up!

July 25, 2009

Wendy is back to work on Monday, and I thought she might need a little pick me up… :o)
 Pick Me Up!
Tiny thought so too!

Popson Park

July 24, 2009

Popson Park is one of my favourite places to take pictures of dogs. As it is an off leash park, dogs can run freely there. I think it is the least busy of the dog parks (the fact that you are sharing the space with rattlesnakes might be a reason for that!), it is next to the river so the dogs can swim, there is a mix of natural grasses and mowed areas (which are great if you have a short dog and are trying to get pictures) and if you are feeling energetic you can even climb the coulees.

IMG 4333 Popson Park

At this time of year there are lots of flowers in bloom. I am sure lots of them are weeds, but their colour can still add to the beauty of a photo.

IMG 4281 Popson Park

I’ll be heading out there again tomorrow morning to meet Moxie, the red and white border collie that won the photo contest a few months ago. I can’t wait. I just hope I can keep up with her!

Almost As Good

July 24, 2009

We have a video camera at the daycare. But it won’t charge. So, we haven’t been able to post any videos for a while.

Beamer (the weimeraner) and Zoey (the lab) were having a great time wrestling this morning and I used the opportunity to take “continuous” photos. I put them together in a slide show, and presto! Almost a video. :o)


A New Site

July 23, 2009

Sorry for moving things so soon after starting. I wanted to try a new blog hosting company for the photography blog and I just wasn’t liking it. I kept thinking that I just wasn’t familiar enough with it and that it would get better, but I just wasn’t finding the other blog site easy to manage despite a few months of trying. So back to Blogger I’ve come.  Pixel is excited about the change.

IMG 0897 A New Site

I know have been horrible at doing regular posts on the photography blog. I’m sorry! I’ve been debating whether or not to combine it with the daycare blog, but have decided that it is a separate enough service to deserve it’s own space. So please be patient, as the business grows, so will the blog.

If you are here for the first time and want to see the original blog you are free to check it out here.