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You Lookin’ at Me?

August 31, 2009

Jasper is a very typical Golden Retriever. Everyone is his best friend, and he’s never met a stranger. Even look in his direction and he starts heading your way for attention….

Are you looking at me?
IMG 3845 You Lookin at Me?

Maybe I could move closer, and you could pet me…
IMG 3846 You Lookin at Me?

I mean, you MUST want to pet me…
IMG 3849 You Lookin at Me?

Is this close enough?
IMG 3847 You Lookin at Me?

Pug Happiness

August 28, 2009
Otis (on the left) and Tucker (on the right) weren’t always the best of friends but I never would have guessed it.

IMG 5081 Pug Happiness

Otis was definitely more of a “daddy’s boy”.

IMG 5073 Pug Happiness

Whereas Tucker wanted to play with the toys AND visit with anyone who would spare the time for a few scratches.

IMG 4811 Pug Happiness

Apparently it is Tucker that gets all the attention from people they pass on their walks. Poor Otis is often over looked but I think he is awfully cute.
IMG 4891 Pug Happiness
Although there is something about Tucker that just makes you want to smile.

IMG 4923 Pug HappinessThanks guys for a GREAT evening. Even the mosquitos were kind enough to stay away until the very end. Mental note: never leave home without bug spray!

I’ll leave you with just one more picture. There are two things I love about it:
1. I love the way you can see Tucker lapping up the love in the background
2. I love Otis’ perfect little row of white teeth

IMG 5298 Pug Happiness

Have a great weekend everyone!

#1 Fan

August 28, 2009

IMG 0922 #1 Fan
Everyone loves Chewy. I mean, what’s not to love. And it’s not only the people that love her, it’s the dogs too. She is a great ambassador for Paws on the Run, and is always very nice to new puppies, and dogs. She has lots of dog friends- but her #1 Fan is Joey.

 #1 Fan
Joey is a Kelpie.

 #1 Fan
He LOVES Chewy.
 #1 Fan
He likes to look at her, and kiss her, and look at her some more..
 #1 Fan
He is a tad obsessed, but Chewy doesn’t mind being adored.

Manners, Manners

August 27, 2009

We work with the dogs every day to establish “Gate Manners” and you’d be surprised to know that EVERY dog that comes to daycare learns these rules. Even the little guys! They know they can only come through the gate when they hear their names.
IMG 4013 Manners, Manners
Here we have some of our “regulars” showing off their good manners!

I met up last night with Otis and Tucker and their parents at Peenaquim. Poor Otis was a little afraid of the guns going off at the firing range, but he recovered by the end of the walk. I think Tucker was breathing too loudly to even hear the guns. icon wink Teaser {Otis and Tucker}

IMG 5277 Teaser {Otis and Tucker}
IMG 5098 Teaser {Otis and Tucker}

I’ll have more pictures of these two cuties for you tomorrow.


August 26, 2009

Jasper is trying to hide but his coat is too glossy for that!

IMG 4095 Hiding


August 24, 2009

IMG 1436 Relaxed

Izzy must have rested on Kaycee like this for at least a solid minute, if not longer.

Go! Dog! Go! is an amazing agility training group, led by two amazing women. Sarah and Amanda wanted something better for their own dogs, and their student’s dogs, so 4 years ago they went out and made it happen. They jumped in with both feet and have never looked back. There are now some pretty amazing agility dogs in Lethbridge thanks to them!

To celebrate, they did what they all love to do – agility of course! It was so much fun to see how much the dogs (and handlers) have learned since I last saw them. One thing hasn’t changed. The dogs still love the game.

Pearl is an expert at the weave poles.

IMG 3418 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Vito couldn’t resist a quick visit.

IMG 3437 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Stoker looked this happy the entire time he was out there.

IMG 3450 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Charm was a little cutie who was super fun to watch.

IMG 3497 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Wicca is almost as intense and focused as her momma.

IMG 3582 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Maggie is a little less intense… She is just out for a good time.

IMG 2926 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Can we say born to model? Sniper did what he was asked and then turned for his cover shot.

IMG 3028 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Lucy always makes things look effortless.

IMG 3100 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Tag is so fast it is almost impossible to get a picture of him. By the time you push the button he is gone.

IMG 3157 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Andre manages to always look so refined.

IMG 3185 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Kaleb never seems to look very refined. icon wink Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

IMG 2769 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Neena thinks the jumps are set too low.

IMG 3209 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

I think this is Jazmine… I know it isn’t Kaleb as there isn’t a big tongue sticking out.

IMG 3315 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Boone would like everyone to know you can be athletic and stylish all at the same time. Isn’t his collar gorgeous? It is from Nearly Naked Neckwear.

IMG 3338 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Gyppie is another one of those “almost too fast for the camera” dogs.

IMG 3380 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Stryker is getting older and slower, but he isn’t having any less fun than he used to.

IMG 2757 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Tag is impatient to be off the “boring” table.

IMG 2878 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Roxy was looking gorgeous with her beautiful, shiny black coat.

IMG 2896 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Jane has the cutest little bum.

IMG 2444 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Lucy literally flies to the end of the teeter-totter.

IMG 2520 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

See I told you he always looks this happy.

IMG 2569 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

There is something about watching Vito do agility that makes you smile.

IMG 2580 Happy Birthday Go! Dog! Go!

Congratulations Go! Dog! Go! for an incredible 4 years!

Bum Rub

August 21, 2009

IMG 1266 Bum Rub

Rosie is so cute when you give her a bum rub.

IMG 1274 Bum Rub

She has the best expressions.

IMG 1270 Bum Rub


August 20, 2009
Freddie is looking for a home has found a home!
He is confident.
IMG 1947 Homeless
He is friendly.
IMG 1931 Homeless
He loves to purr.
IMG 1884 Homeless
He loves to play.
IMG 1951 Homeless
And he is cute as the Dickens.
IMG 1985 Homeless
What more could you want?
If you, or anyone you know, would like an irresistible, 6-week old, fluffy kitten, please contact us at

IMG 1970 Homeless