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September 30, 2009

We had 4 new dogs today! First there was Max – a sheltie border collie cross. He started to play within 5 minutes of arriving and was almost instantly covered in slobber (you can see some of it on his neck) from Molly the lab. We’ve never seen Molly play so long with just one dog before! They still haven’t stopped.

IMG 3467 Newbies

This is Jasper. He is much more attractive than this picture but he was not enjoying the camera, so I didn’t want to push it.

IMG 3512 Newbies

This big girl is Kay-lee our very first Bouvier at daycare. She had lots of fun in the short time she was here. We’ll see her again later this week so hopefully will get more pictures. I’m not sure what is stuck in her fur but it was probably some of the weeds we have growing along the fence.

IMG 3524 Newbies

And last but not least, is Tonka (I love the name!). He has he cutest little ears. I love the way they don’t match.

IMG 3491 Newbies

Golden Love

September 29, 2009

 Golden Love
Cooper is the biggest lover around. He ADORES people and wants to be touching you all the time….

A Little Scruffy

September 28, 2009

This is Tucker.

IMG 3096 A Little Scruffy

Isn’t he cute? I love his scruffy little face.

IMG 3108 A Little Scruffy

I Believe I Can Fly

September 27, 2009

Talk about split personality! At daycare, I would describe Amber as a quiet, sweet, gentle girl who loves to cuddle and be held. When she is with her family she is a carefree, wild, bouncy girl who couldn’t possibly sit still if there is fun to be had.

Today 3 I Believe I Can Fly

I had a sneak peek at her other personality at the RDog event the day before. She flew around the agility course and I couldn’t believe she was the same dog.

Today 4 I Believe I Can Fly

We went out today to get pictures of Amber doing agility and hanging out with her sisters. It was great to get some pictures of agility from different angles, instead of just sitting on the sidelines. Amber was having too much fun to worry about me laying on the ground under the jumps or holding the camera on the A-frame.

Today I Believe I Can Fly

I was constantly worried about doing too much repetition and tiring this little girl out.

Today 2 I Believe I Can Fly

Apparently I didn’t need to worry. She was racing around until the very end.

Today 5 I Believe I Can Fly

Although I did manage her to sit still for a few photos. But only around 5!

Today 6 I Believe I Can Fly

Teaser {Amber}

September 27, 2009

What? Were you expecting mild and meek? I know I was!

Amber Teaser {Amber}

She jumps so high, she was constantly jumping right out of the frame.

Resting Up

September 25, 2009

Amber was here earlier in the week and despite playing for most of the day, she knew she needed to preserve some energy for her photo session this weekend. Be sure to check out the photography blog early next week to see some photos of Miss Amber!

IMG 1540 Resting Up

Not So New

September 23, 2009

We try and take pictures of the new dogs on their first or second day. This doesn’t always happen however and suddenly we realize that we’ll have a dog that has been coming for months that we don’t have any decent pictures of.

In Snoopy’s case, he was a little shy to start so we didn’t want to intimidate him more by sticking a camera in his face. He is feeling much more relaxed now and while he is definitely camera shy and does not like to look straight at the camera, I can trick him occasionally by making weird noises to get him to turn his head a little bit.

IMG 1605 Not So New

Jake on the other hand, has been confident and playful from day one. He only plays inside though. So every time we went to take a picture of him outside he would just stand there and look away (or he’d be doing his business and we don’t need a picture of that!).

IMG 1731 Not So New

You’ll notice Jake is still not looking at the camera. We will just have to keep trying for better pictures but I didn’t want them to be neglected on the blog.

A Few Shots of Tequila

September 22, 2009

IMG 1574 A Few Shots of Tequila

I know. That is an extra cheesy title but with a cute dog named Tequila what did you expect? icon smile A Few Shots of Tequila

IMG 1553 A Few Shots of Tequila


September 21, 2009

Leo and Zach live in BC so we only see them for a short time each year. Zach is completely blind but he navigates around the dogs amazingly well.

IMG 1417 Peek

I guess Zach isn’t technically “peeking” but it looks like he is.

IMG 1393 Peek


September 18, 2009

It’s Friday and I am in love.

Kimberly Smile

I can’t think of a better reason to smile. Have a great weekend everyone!