September 30, 2009

We had 4 new dogs today! First there was Max – a sheltie border collie cross. He started to play within 5 minutes of arriving and was almost instantly covered in slobber (you can see some of it on his neck) from Molly the lab. We’ve never seen Molly play so long with just one dog before! They still haven’t stopped.

IMG 3467 Newbies

This is Jasper. He is much more attractive than this picture but he was not enjoying the camera, so I didn’t want to push it.

IMG 3512 Newbies

This big girl is Kay-lee our very first Bouvier at daycare. She had lots of fun in the short time she was here. We’ll see her again later this week so hopefully will get more pictures. I’m not sure what is stuck in her fur but it was probably some of the weeds we have growing along the fence.

IMG 3524 Newbies

And last but not least, is Tonka (I love the name!). He has he cutest little ears. I love the way they don’t match.

IMG 3491 Newbies

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