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September 17, 2009

Just one of the many perks of the job!

IMG 0653 Kisses


September 16, 2009

IMG 0427 Trio

Today was Trio’s first visit.

IMG 0437 Trio

He wasn’t too sure about playing with dogs yet, but he had lots of fun with the big green toothbrush.

IMG 0433 TrioIMG 0441 Trio

Mr. Popular

September 14, 2009

IMG 0273 Mr. Popular

Today was Rudy’s first day but you never would have guessed it. Usually when a dog first walks into the back area (and still has the fence separating them and the other dogs) we see a few different responses. Some dogs get SUPER excited and start bouncing around like crazy trying to sniff everyone at once. However most dogs are a little overwhelmed with the new place and all the dogs. They’ll approach the fence cautiously and sniff shyly at the other dogs.

IMG 0282 Mr. Popular

When Rudy walked back there, he just acted calm and confident. He stood at the fence politely wagging and sniffing and didn’t even bat an eye at the 20 or so dogs sniffing and wagging back at him. From the moment he entered the play area, he had a entourage following him around. Everybody wanted to be his friend.

IMG 0278 Mr. Popular

All Aboard

September 11, 2009

Chewy has a chronic upper respiratory disease that among other things, makes her sleepier than most cats. And as I am sure most of you know, cats sleep a lot to begin with!

IMG 7197 All Aboard

We can always tell when Chewy is feeling good as she spends the entire afternoon trying to climb on to people as they come to pick up their dogs.

IMG 7178 All Aboard

If you stand too far from the counter she lets you know she wants you to come closer by raising her paw as if to wave you over.

IMG 7208 All Aboard

So if you don’t want a cat on your shoulders, beware the waving paw!

Big and Scary

September 10, 2009

Alfie, who is probably one of our largest dogs at daycare, took one look at Guiness (a Newfie) and said “Whoa. He’s big. Like really big. I’m kind of scared. Help!” So we moved Alfie in with the “little guys”.

IMG 7057 Big and Scary

Oliver was thrilled to have another victim playmate.

IMG 7065 Big and Scary

He was even happier to be able to tackle him to the ground…

IMG 7047 Big and Scary

… and try and bury himself in all that fur.

IMG 7041 Big and Scary

Baby Brothers

September 9, 2009

We got to meet two baby brothers today!

Kingston is Zenzi’s new brother and is he ever fun.

IMG 7038 Baby Brothers

He is super friendly and just a happy little guy that doesn’t stop wagging.

IMG 7017 Baby Brothers

And Beacon has a new little brother too – Ullr (pronounced Oolar).

IMG 6979 Baby Brothers

He was oh so fluffy cuteness! These pictures do not do him justice. I think he’ll be back again on Friday so I’ll try and get his cute little curly tail. Seriously, it is adorable.

IMG 7021 Baby Brothers

Fearless Mountain Cat

September 7, 2009

IMG 5581 Fearless Mountain Cat

Well that might be a slight exaggeration. In reality, I had my longest lens, at it’s furthest extension to get any pictures of this beauty.

IMG 5588 Fearless Mountain Cat

I only managed to get a few pictures before he/she scampered off home.

IMG 5583 Fearless Mountain Cat

Where There’s Smoke…

September 4, 2009

… there are bright yellow eyes looking at you.

IMG 5413 Where There’s Smoke…

Smoke was a perfect model.

IMG 5423 Where There’s Smoke…

She would look at the camera whenever you made a noise.

IMG 5429 Where There’s Smoke…

She would pose with her toy.

IMG 5430 Where There’s Smoke…

And, she would lounge in front of a bright window so I had lots of natural light. What more could a girl ask for?

IMG 5439 Where There’s Smoke…

Wild Woman

September 4, 2009

IMG 6169 Wild Woman

Joule just started coming to daycare (today was only her second visit) and while she was pretty shy on her first day, she has quickly blossomed into a wild woman. You just need to crouch down a bit, hold out your arms, and she gets the zoomies.

IMG 6176 Wild Woman
IMG 6167 Wild Woman

She also likes to bark when she gets the zoomies!

IMG 6198 Wild Woman

Intense Smoke

September 2, 2009

Last December my sister’s family adopted a cute little grey kitten named Smoke. I went for a visit last weekend and I can’t believe how much she has changed. She is now a gorgeous, sleek cat. It is amazing how quickly cats grow up. She has the most intense eyes.

IMG 5441 Intense Smoke

More to come soon!