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Super Model

November 16, 2009

I couldn’t resist sharing just one more of Bailey.

bailey Super Model

Beagle Buddy

November 16, 2009

IMG 0547 Beagle Buddy

It is Bailey’s first day today and so far so good.

IMG 0553 Beagle Buddy

She has managed to make a new friend already. (As usual, this has not proven to be a challenge for a beagle.)

IMG 0500 Beagle Buddy

When Bailey laid eyes on Cookie, it was love at first sight and non-stop fun.

IMG 0503 Beagle BuddyIMG 0559 Beagle BuddyIMG 0558 Beagle Buddy


November 14, 2009

Family Cody

Cody was not impressed with me and my camera. He did not appreciate his nap being interrupted.

Family 2 Cody

I was given the evil eye on more than one occasion.

Family 4 Cody

After being bribed with some treats, he was finally feeling up to a little bit of modeling.

Family 6 Cody

He was even convinced to play a little.

Family 8 Cody

Although that was pretty short lived. I think the glare above is his “subtle” way of telling me to back off and let him go back to sleep.

Family 7 Cody

Alright Cody. You win.


November 12, 2009

IMG 9551 Copper

Copper came for the first time last week but I forgot the camera at home so I missed out on taking pictures of him. So this week I was sure to try and get a few.

IMG 9563 Copper

This kid has tonnes of energy to burn. He grabs a toy, does 30 laps, spots a different toy, scoops it up and does 30 more laps. Then spots a dog that looks like fun and starts a game of wrestling. Then if a toy catches his eye, he scoops it up to start zooming again.

IMG 9589 Copper

I swear he didn’t sit still the whole time he was here. Not even for a second.

IMG 9587 Copper


November 10, 2009

Monday is our new dog day and yesterday was a busy one.

Sophie is our first little papillon at daycare! She is cute and wild and you just gotta love those ears.

IMG 8991 Newbies

Trixie is a bichon/shih tzu who looks so much like Max, we had to look at their birthdays to see if they were litter mates – they weren’t.

IMG 9086 Newbies

Carson is a yorkie/schnauzer who is quite the brave little guy. He was wrestling up a storm in no time but when I held up the camera all action stopped, his ears drooped and he looked unhappy.

IMG 9028 Newbies

I had to use the zoom lens just to get a picture with his cute little ears up.

IMG 9074 Newbies

Abby is your typical wild and crazy lab.

IMG 9035 Newbies

Don’t let this cute look fool you, she is a handful!

IMG 9244 Newbies

Official Puppy Playmate

November 9, 2009

We have made Alfie our official puppy playmate.

IMG 9277 Official Puppy Playmate

He is so gentle and sweet with the puppies and just has a great time letting them crawl all over him.

IMG 9193 Official Puppy Playmate

Today he was busy entertaining Abby. More on her in another post.

IMG 9174 Official Puppy Playmate

He does occasionally take a break, but it never lasts long.

IMG 9283 Official Puppy Playmate

Strawberry Goodness

November 5, 2009

IMG 8780 Strawberry Goodness

For what ever reason, Amanda’s dogs didn’t enjoy the Strawberry from Planet Dog so she brought it to the daycare. The dogs here think her dogs are nuts, because they love it!

IMG 8807 Strawberry Goodness

I was getting the stare down whenever I was holding it.

IMG 8763 Strawberry Goodness
IMG 8783 Strawberry Goodness

Some dogs were pretty pleased with themselves when they got it.

IMG 8738 Strawberry Goodness

Some never wanted to let it go.

IMG 8820 Strawberry Goodness

And some did some pretty spectacular feats to claim it.

IMG 8740 Strawberry Goodness

A Patch of Light

November 3, 2009

IMG 8685 A Patch of Light

It is funny to watch the dogs gather in the patch of light that comes through an open door. Sometimes we can have up to 6 dogs sunning themselves in the same small patch.

IMG 8680 A Patch of Light
IMG 8657 A Patch of Light

Some of them just can’t resist wrestling with their resting neighbor.

IMG 8689 A Patch of Light

Corgi Cuteness

November 1, 2009

This little girl is giving Pixel a run for her money as the cutest Corgi ever.

Corgi Corgi Cuteness

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