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I had a very busy day today with 2 photo sessions. It never feels like work though! It always feels like I’m just going for a walk with friends.

I started off my day with Norman and Pele, two beautiful elkhounds. My husband took one look at the pictures and started grilling me about temperment, size, etc. I assured him they were wonderful dogs, but that they had a lot of hair! icon wink {Teaser} – Norman, Pele and Pearl

Norm+and+Pe {Teaser} – Norman, Pele and PearlNorm+and+Pe 2 {Teaser} – Norman, Pele and Pearl

Then this afternoon I met with Pearl. She was recently adopted from the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue. She has come to daycare a few times and has been a fairly quiet, reserved girl. It turns out she has been holding out on us. She is really a fun loving party girl!

Pearl {Teaser} – Norman, Pele and Pearl

More pictures to come over the next few days so stay tuned!

Friday Faces

January 29, 2010

Here are two “new” faces for you all! Both of these girls started out a little shy but have gotten better and better with each visit.

Pearl is a Shepherd cross who is a very sweet and gentle player.
IMG 5824 Friday Faces

and Zaya is a Wheaten Terrier who is the life of the party when she gets going!
IMG 5920 Friday Faces

The big dog room on the 27th…

keep in mind this was filmed in the afternoon so the dogs are quite a bit calmer than they are in the morning!

A Special Treat

January 28, 2010

The “small dog” play group on January 27th.


Taz and Nikko

January 27, 2010

IMG 7046 Taz and Nikko

I had a chilly photo session last Saturday with Taz and Nikko but it was still a lot of fun. They are both so full of life. Some people worry their dogs will be too wild for a photo session, but let me assure you… there is no such thing!

IMG 7042 Taz and Nikko

Even wild and crazy dogs like these two will eventually stop moving… at least briefly!

IMG 7000 Taz and Nikko
IMG 6986 Taz and Nikko

I love it when a dog runs with their tongue hanging to the side – it is the sign of a good time!

IMG 6961 Taz and Nikko

Getting a “traditional” family portrait with dogs can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. icon wink Taz and Nikko

IMG 7366 Taz and Nikko
What do you know? There is that tongue again. icon smile Taz and Nikko

IMG 7319 Taz and Nikko

The perfect winter scene… two fun loving dogs.

IMG 7313 Taz and Nikko

Thanks Stephanie, Taz and Nikko for a great time last weekend! I hope you enjoy your pictures.

IMG 7263 Taz and Nikko
IMG 7168 Taz and Nikko

Princess Maggie

January 25, 2010

Today was Maggie’s first day.
She pretty much had all of us wrapped around her little paw.

IMG 5901 Princess Maggie

T%26N {Teaser} – Taz and Nikko

I met Stephanie, her brother, Taz and Nikko at the dog park yesterday for a cold (and quick) photo session. Taz and Nikko were fine – they were running around in the snow as if it was summer, it was the rest of us that were freezing.

T%26N 5 {Teaser} – Taz and Nikko

Stay tuned for more pictures of these fun loving pups!

He’s All Ears

January 22, 2010

weim 8 He’s All Ears
weim 7 He’s All Ears
weim 6 He’s All Ears
weim 5 He’s All Ears
weim 4 He’s All Ears
weim 3 He’s All Ears
weim 2 He’s All Ears

Big Enough for Two.

January 22, 2010

 Big Enough for Two.

Maggie and Russell both really wanted the frisbee.
Thankfully it’s big enough for two.


January 21, 2010

the dictionary defines want as “to wish, need, crave, demand, or desire”

IMG 5889 Want

in this case Mac is hoping for the frisbee.