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Warning:  Do NOT go to the animal shelter if you have puppy fever.  These guys were dropped off 5 minutes before I arrived.  SO CUTE!!!
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 24 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 30 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 35 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 38 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 43 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
Can you tell who the super model was?  Talk about a mischief maker!
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 49 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 40 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And to top it off, Lily’s puppies are still there too, but I believe they have all been spoken for….
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 2 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
Check out the guy on the right using his sibling’s foot as a soother!
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 6 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And if that wasn’t enough to push you over the edge, check out this gorgeous Basset Hound.
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 20 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And this handsome mastiff cross was very sweet.
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 10 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
And I think this little girl is available.  She was hanging out with the puppies and I don’t know what her story is.
animal+shelter+ +Feb+26 7 Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
So if you are in the mood to come home with a new little bundle, there are lots available at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter!  There are still lots of cats too which I wasn’t able to photograph today because all the available rooms were filled with pups.  

Breed of the Week II

February 26, 2010

This week I thought I’d showcase one of the most popular breeds around- Dachshunds!

From the CKC website:

Physical Dimensions:
Miniature: Approx. 8 inches (20 cm) tall at the shoulders, 20 inches (50 cm) long, nose to rump and 6 inches (15 cm) wide.
Standard: 30-40% larger than the Miniature.
Wirehaired: Slightly higher off the ground than the Smooth and Longhaired.

Miniature: The ideal weight is 10 lb (4.5 kg).
Standard: Over 11 lbs (5 kg)

All types/sizes may be one-coloured, two-coloured, dappled or striped.

Dachshunds, also known as Dackels or Teckels, were developed in Germany and used to hunt badger and fox since the Middle Ages. The original Dachshund was the Standard Smooth. The name “dachshund” means “badger dog” in German. Dachshunds work in packs and are strong and fearless when sent underground to rout out the ferocious badger. These short-legged dogs were well recognised and known as one of the most versatile and useful breeds for hunting both below and above ground.

They come in two sizes, and three coat varieties.

The Miniature Dachshunds were bred to hunt the rabbits that destroyed farmers’ crops. These little dogs must be small enough to slip down rabbit holes and, in their native Germany, they are classifed according to girth, not weight.

The Dachshund is clever, lively, fearless, persistent and outgoing. With his fun-filled outlook, he is an affectionate and wonderful family companion.

The Dachshund’s lively and active personality make him an ideal participant in several dog sports and activities, such as Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Earth Dog Trials, Field Work, and Hunting.

You can find more information about the breed on the Club Website


We are lucky enough to have a whole bunch of Dachsies attend daycare. They are great little daycare dogs and are generally quite playful and active. Dachshunds are feisty enough to even play with the big dogs on occasion! The Dachshunds that we have at the daycare range from busy and wild to laid back couch potatoes! And some fall in between.

Because of their size and activity level they make great family pets, but it is important to socialise them young with people, dogs and cats so that they remain friendly and outgoing. Also, as with all long, short dogs they are prone to back/disc problems. Keeping a Dachsie thin is the key to a long life!

As mentioned in the breed standard above Dachsies come in all coat colors and variety. Here are a just a few that come to daycare.

maggiebrown Breed of the Week IIMaggie is Mini, Longhair with a dapple coloring. She is the princess. :o)

IMG 5923 Breed of the Week IICooper is also a mini and a longhair but is a black and tan

IMG 0961 Breed of the Week IIBuddy is a mini longhair too! He is quite unique in his coloring.

IMG 5482 Breed of the Week IIPip is an old girl, a red Mini Smooth. She has faded with age, and her face is getting whiter and whiter.

IMG 6196 Breed of the Week IIThese two handsome devils are Max and Otto. They are both Mini Smooths.

2593621884 9b4675c262 b Breed of the Week IIand we couldn’t post about Dachshunds without mentioning Perkins. Perkins is a mini smooth who rules the roost from his perch on the sofa. :o)


February 26, 2010

IMG 6321 Undecided
Macy’s ears that is….

IMG 6448 "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!"

 "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!"

Katie has the most amazing expression.

New Kid on the Block.

February 24, 2010

IMG 6366 New Kid on the Block.
Malachai is a Kerry Blue Terrier puppy. He is new at daycare but has had no problems making friends!

 New Classes Starting Soon!

We are excited to offer a variety of new classes!

Check out the list below and let us know if you and your dog would be interested in attending!

Manners Obedience- $125/7 weeks

teach your dog the basics including leash manners, how to greet guests, and more!

Puppy Prep- $125/7 weeks

start those puppies young! All the basic skills for obedience, as well as typical puppy issues.

Beyond Basics- $125/7 weeks

looking for a more advanced class? This class is more than the basics and will include off leash obedience, more distractions, hand signals, and fun tricks.

Beginner Rally Obedience- $125/7 weeks

looking for something fun to do with your dog? Rally Obedience is great fun for all dogs. Rally is an obedience challenge and will fine tune your dogs training and improve you and your dogs relationship!

Tricks for Treats- $125/7 weeks

a fun class to teach you and your dogs some great tricks. Tricks are a great way to build confidence, and improve your training skills.

Classes will only run if there is enough interest.

Please email or call to be put on the class list and we’ll contact you as soon as the class is filled.

Mind your Manners, and Beyond Basics are set to start Monday, March 8th. There are spots still available in both.

kortheel New Classes Starting Soon!

Breed of the Week

February 22, 2010

For a slight change of pace I thought that it would be fun to showcase a different breed of dog each week. I’ll post photos, breed information and website links to parent breed clubs so people can learn more about new breeds, and the breeds that they know and love.

This week I have chosen the Norwegian Elkhound.

norm Breed of the WeekNorman, striking a pose.

Information from the Canadian Kennel Club:
CKC Recognized / In the HOUND group.
The Norwegian Elkhound has been honoured as the dog of Norway. He comes from Spitz-type dogs known in Scandinavia since Viking times and perhaps even earlier. In their homeland, Elkhounds have been used to pull sleds, guard the home and family, do mountain rescue and hunt big game such as moose and bear as well as smaller quarry. The breed was known as the Elghund, meaning “moose dog,” but it became Elkhound in English.

Bold and Energetic, the Elkhound is an excellent family pet and guardian noted for being good with children.

A dog of great endurance and stamina, the Elkhound is relatively tireless and likes having a job to do. He’s a rugged outdoor type that needs plenty of exercise.

19-20 inches at the shoulder

The coat is thick, rich and hard but smooth-lying. On the head and front of legs, it’s short and even.

The Elkhound is grey in colour with black tips to the long, covering hairs.

Regular, thorough brushing is the only grooming attention required. This is a breed that sheds year round, but more so in the spring and fall.


 Breed of the WeekBeacon and Baby Ullr

We are lucky to have four of these beautiful dogs attend daycare regularly. They are fantastic players and definitely liven the place up at times. Elkhounds are a happy breed and often have big smiles on their faces. They are a “hound” breed so can be a little independent but for the most part they love people and are very friendly.

The trademark of an Elkhound has to be their bark. They like to hear themselves and aren’t afraid to express their opinions! Thankfully they are mostly obedient and want to please you. It makes teaching a “no bark” command doable.

pele Breed of the WeekPele

IMG 6979 Breed of the WeekUllr as a baby

The Elkhound is a beautiful breed that can easily capture your heart- they aren’t for everyone though so be sure to do your homework if you are interested in adding one of these beauties to your family!

The Boys

February 22, 2010
Fort+MacLeod 6 The Boys
Jo, Kort, Tate and I went out to Fort MacLeod yesterday for some pictures.  The off leash park there is great, and usually deserted.
Fort+MacLeod 29 The Boys
I can only ever seem to find game paths to walk on, which is fine if you don’t mind a whole bunch of willows slapping your face with every step.  They sure look nice in the background though.  We did manage to find some “open” ground next to the fence which made walking easy for a while.
Fort+MacLeod 26 The Boys

As usual, the boys looked gorgeous.  Just look at that big white ruff!

Fort+MacLeod The Boys

I always enjoy seeing which pictures Jo will pick as her favourites. They aren’t usually the same ones I pick. I think I am getting better at figuring out what she likes though.  We’ll see how close I come this time.

Fort+MacLeod 21 The Boys

Thanks Jo for letting your dogs model for me again.  It is always a pleasure!

Bright Eyed

February 20, 2010
Just a couple of pictures from my dog walk this morning.  
This top fellow is Gus.  He is a border collie, golden retriever just like Coulee.  You’d never guess they were the same mix.
faces 2 Bright Eyed
And this is Jetta.  We are dog sitting her for a few weeks and she has been learning that the camera usually means treats and fun.
faces Bright Eyed


February 19, 2010

Don’t you just want to squish him?

IMG 6223 Squish
Duke is a Boxer puppy and is all tongue, wiggles, and happiness…

The tongue photo isn’t quite in focus but I couldn’t delete it. :o)

IMG 6225 Squish