Breed of the Week

February 22, 2010

For a slight change of pace I thought that it would be fun to showcase a different breed of dog each week. I’ll post photos, breed information and website links to parent breed clubs so people can learn more about new breeds, and the breeds that they know and love.

This week I have chosen the Norwegian Elkhound.

norm Breed of the WeekNorman, striking a pose.

Information from the Canadian Kennel Club:
CKC Recognized / In the HOUND group.
The Norwegian Elkhound has been honoured as the dog of Norway. He comes from Spitz-type dogs known in Scandinavia since Viking times and perhaps even earlier. In their homeland, Elkhounds have been used to pull sleds, guard the home and family, do mountain rescue and hunt big game such as moose and bear as well as smaller quarry. The breed was known as the Elghund, meaning “moose dog,” but it became Elkhound in English.

Bold and Energetic, the Elkhound is an excellent family pet and guardian noted for being good with children.

A dog of great endurance and stamina, the Elkhound is relatively tireless and likes having a job to do. He’s a rugged outdoor type that needs plenty of exercise.

19-20 inches at the shoulder

The coat is thick, rich and hard but smooth-lying. On the head and front of legs, it’s short and even.

The Elkhound is grey in colour with black tips to the long, covering hairs.

Regular, thorough brushing is the only grooming attention required. This is a breed that sheds year round, but more so in the spring and fall.


 Breed of the WeekBeacon and Baby Ullr

We are lucky to have four of these beautiful dogs attend daycare regularly. They are fantastic players and definitely liven the place up at times. Elkhounds are a happy breed and often have big smiles on their faces. They are a “hound” breed so can be a little independent but for the most part they love people and are very friendly.

The trademark of an Elkhound has to be their bark. They like to hear themselves and aren’t afraid to express their opinions! Thankfully they are mostly obedient and want to please you. It makes teaching a “no bark” command doable.

pele Breed of the WeekPele

IMG 6979 Breed of the WeekUllr as a baby

The Elkhound is a beautiful breed that can easily capture your heart- they aren’t for everyone though so be sure to do your homework if you are interested in adding one of these beauties to your family!


  1. Thats a VERY good thing.

  2. Bobbi says:

    Thats a great idea….I am especially looking forward to Chihuahua week! ;-)

  3. manymuddypaws says:

    haha cindy, I knew you'd approve!

  4. 2Elkies says:

    As well as being a great new feature you have chosen in my unbiased opinion a perfect breed to start with. So sweet. Can't wait for next week.

  5. Cat says:

    How cute! What beautiful Elkhounds to display! All 4 of them are beautiful!! :)

  6. Mrs. JP says:

    Oh, I like this new feature. Cute pictures.