New Classes Starting Soon!

We are excited to offer a variety of new classes!

Check out the list below and let us know if you and your dog would be interested in attending!

Manners Obedience- $125/7 weeks

teach your dog the basics including leash manners, how to greet guests, and more!

Puppy Prep- $125/7 weeks

start those puppies young! All the basic skills for obedience, as well as typical puppy issues.

Beyond Basics- $125/7 weeks

looking for a more advanced class? This class is more than the basics and will include off leash obedience, more distractions, hand signals, and fun tricks.

Beginner Rally Obedience- $125/7 weeks

looking for something fun to do with your dog? Rally Obedience is great fun for all dogs. Rally is an obedience challenge and will fine tune your dogs training and improve you and your dogs relationship!

Tricks for Treats- $125/7 weeks

a fun class to teach you and your dogs some great tricks. Tricks are a great way to build confidence, and improve your training skills.

Classes will only run if there is enough interest.

Please email or call to be put on the class list and we’ll contact you as soon as the class is filled.

Mind your Manners, and Beyond Basics are set to start Monday, March 8th. There are spots still available in both.

kortheel New Classes Starting Soon!


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