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 If youre happy and you know it...
 If youre happy and you know it...
IMG 6240 If youre happy and you know it...
IMG 6238 If youre happy and you know it...

Tucker is one athletic guy!

IMG 6262 If youre happy and you know it...

Misty Creek

February 16, 2010

We sold the last of our Paws on the Run 2010 Calendars the other day. Thanks to everyone who purchased one (or more) we were able to donate $460 to a local dog rescue group!

Initially the money was going to go a Pit Bull rescue located in the Calgary area. Unfortunately we were unable to get a hold of the organisation, and recently heard rumors of them closing their doors.

logo Misty CreekSo instead the money raised was donated to Misty Creek Dog Rescue. They are located just outside of Calgary and last year adopted out 274 dogs! They rescue all breeds of dogs and always have plenty of great (and very cute) dogs looking for homes. They are completely volunteer run and are non profit. They rely on donations to afford to feed, and take care of all of the dogs in their care. We think they are do a wonderful job and are glad to be able to help out even a small amount.

Bigger Sausages

February 13, 2010
I went back to the shelter again today. I couldn’t resist a peek at the little sausages.  You can see “Jersey” a little better this time.  Is it bad, that I’ve named a puppy?  Lily the mom is a beagle cross and they think that daddy was probably a rottweiler due to the black and tan pups.

shelter 4 Bigger Sausages
This girl (whose name I can’t remember) was so fun to hang out with.  She played fetched with a tennis ball, ate many treats and smiled lots for the camera.
shelter Bigger Sausages
Sage was so sweet and so sad.  She was an owner surrender and her heart seemed to be broken.  She would very gently take treats and then retreat with a beaten look.  I had a hard time getting her ears to come up but even then you could see the sadness in her eyes.  Poor girl.  I wanted to take her home.
shelter 2 Bigger Sausages
Hardi was being surrendered just as I arrived.  :(  She had just recently been adopted from the shelter too.  I don’t know what happened, but she seems like a fun loving girl to me.
shelter 3 Bigger Sausages
This is either Whiskers or Tuffy!  They are both grey with yellow eyes and I could barely tell them apart in person, never mind from their photos. I need to figure out a system where I can better identify them once I get home.  :)
shelter 5 Bigger Sausages
Kaleah was so much fun to photograph. She has really striking features and was a total ham for the camera.
shelter 6 Bigger Sausages
shelter 7 Bigger Sausages
Angie is probably mirroring the look I was giving her.  :)  She would NOT sit still and pose nicely for me.  I’m not sure if it is just me, but I swear the black cats, which are the hardest to photograph in the first place, are the worst at sitting still and giving eye contact.  I like to going to the shelter on a Saturday because then I have all the time in the world and can wait a little more patiently for them to finally strike a pose.
shelter 8 Bigger Sausages
And this little girl was also just dropped off while I was there. She was found wandering the streets. She was so sweet.  She just melted at my feet every time I came near her. All she wanted to do was please me.
shelter 9 Bigger Sausages
shelter 10 Bigger Sausages

If you or anyone you know is looking for a pet, please consider checking out the Lethbridge Animal Shelter.  There are always tonnes of great dogs and cats there.

Northside Regional Park

February 11, 2010
leth logo noTag Northside Regional Park

The City of Lethbridge is going to be creating a Northside Regional Park and are looking for input from residents as to what you’d like to see in the park.  The ideas range from skating rinks, to waterparks to off-leash dog parks.  If you want to voice your opinion, complete their survey before February 20.  I just did it and it only took a minute or two.

Tessa’s Ball

February 11, 2010

Tessa didn’t really want to share her ball….
IMG 6204 Tessas Ball
IMG 6199 Tessas Ball
IMG 6195 Tessas Ball
IMG 6197 Tessas Ball
IMG 6194 Tessas Ball

Boxer Baby

February 9, 2010

We had lots of new dogs yesterday but not a lot of time for pictures.  We did manage to get this one of Duke, taking a break from playing with Jake and Bailey (the dog bums you can see on the left).

Blog Boxer Baby

And no we don’t have a sauna out back with the dogs – that steam you see is another dog’s breath.  It is still cold outside in the mornings!

Shelter Pictures

February 9, 2010

Life seems to have gotten in the way of volunteering these past few weeks.  I had an hour yesterday so I decided to pop into the shelter to see what was new.  Boy was I surprised!

Do you remember Lily? She has been at the shelter now for 2 months.  Poor girl.  And she must have gotten pregnant just days before being picked up as she is now the proud mama of 7 little bundles of cuteness!  I can’t wait to see these little guys grow up.  There is a little jersey cow one tucked up right next to her that I instantly fell in love with.

Blog 2 Shelter Pictures

And this is Chuck.  A friend sent me a link back in December saying that the shelter had a “lancashire heeler” (which is what Lacey looks like, but isn’t).  He definitely isn’t a lancashire, but he is awfully cute.  I’m not sure why he is back at the shelter as he seemed friendly, laid back and playful to me.  He has the most unique colouring I think I’ve ever seen.

Blog Shelter Pictures

Doesn’t this guy have the most handsome face?  He was pretty new to the shelter and was a little unsure of me and especially the camera, but he gave the cutest little head tilts when I squeaked a toy.

Blog 3 Shelter Pictures

I am way behind on all the cats.  This little cutie is Mini.  She truly is tiny.

Blog 4 Shelter Pictures

And I think this last guy here is Cooper. Handsome eh?

Blog 5 Shelter Pictures

As always, if you or anyone you know is looking for a new pet, there are lots waiting for homes at the shelter!

A little Change

February 7, 2010

After getting some feedback from some internet photography friends, I decided to make a few changes to my photography website. I wanted to make it a little cleaner, show a larger variety of photos, and have it match my blog a little more.  Let me know what you think!  Just click on the front page below to go to the website.  Feedback is very much appreciated!

front A little Change


February 5, 2010

Oliver thinks that he is a pretty important fellow.
IMG 6083 Important
We agree. :o)

Doodle Baby

February 5, 2010
This little girl started off a little shy, not wanting to venture far from her daddy’s legs.
doodle+baby Doodle Baby

doodle+baby 6 Doodle Baby
But she couldn’t resist playing.
doodle+baby 2 Doodle Baby
And she even managed to find the courage to steal the wubba from Coulee!

doodle+baby 7 Doodle Baby