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A Happy Golden

February 4, 2010

like any self respecting Golden, Cooper LOVES belly rubs…
IMG 6135 A Happy Golden
a lot!
IMG 6134 A Happy Golden

That’s Better

February 3, 2010
IMG 5956 Thats Better

Denny and Rosie show Piper how it’s done!

IMG 5961 Thats Better

Pearl 6 Pearl – Happily Ever After
I know this is going to sound incredibly cheesy, but Pearl has definitely found her “Happily Ever After”.  She was recently adopted by Shawn and Catherine, and their bond is incredible.  As you can see Pearl loves her momma!
Pearl Pearl – Happily Ever After
 And the love is mutual.  Shawn and Catherine didn’t stop smiling the whole time.  And not because they were smiling for the camera, but because they were smiling at Pearl.
Pearl 7 Pearl – Happily Ever After
She would do anything to make them happy.  Even “stay” when she’d rather be chasing the ball.  :)
Pearl 4 Pearl – Happily Ever After
Pearl 2 Pearl – Happily Ever After
Pearl 5 Pearl – Happily Ever After
She is normally a tennis ball fan, but the Orbee from Planet Dog seemed to hold her attention too.
Pearl 8 Pearl – Happily Ever After
Pearl 3 Pearl – Happily Ever After
I love stories that have happy endings and I’m really glad Pearl has found hers.
Pearl 9 Pearl – Happily Ever After


February 1, 2010

Piper loves to squish herself into the chairs….

IMG 5837 Comfy?
IMG 5969 Comfy?

it doesn’t look very comfy but she doesn’t seem to mind!

New Best Friend

February 1, 2010

Seeker is an 11 month old Jack Russell who has settled in very well on his first day.
IMG 5987 New Best Friend

He has made lots of new little friends, but his new best friend is the pink ball.
IMG 6048 New Best Friend

He’s pretty smitten with it. He will do anything to get it, and isn’t above begging…
IMG 6001 New Best Friend
IMG 6036 New Best Friend

We can’t deny him very long….
IMG 6040 New Best Friend


February 1, 2010

I knew I was going to have a lot of fun Saturday morning with Norman, Pele and Cindy. How could I not? Norman and Pele are such fun dogs and Cindy is one of the nicest people I know. She is constantly popping in to the daycare to bring us things – “just because”. I hope these have brightened her day as much as she brightens ours.

I’m always struck at how different dogs will act at daycare, than they do on their own “turf”. At daycare we see a whole lot of this….

norm+and+pe 7 Chicken!

But on our walk, I had trouble getting the two of them in the same frame, never mind actually interacting with each other. I guess outside there are too many things to smell and see than to bother playing with a sibling!

norm+and+pe Chicken!

Norman kept striking these very serious, majestic poses for us which is not the Normie I know! He isn’t usually so serious at daycare.

norm+and+pe 3 Chicken!

norm+and+pe 10 Chicken!

Pele just has the most beautiful face.

norm+and+pe 5 Chicken!
She too can strike an elegant pose.
norm+and+pe 8 Chicken!

norm+and+pe 6 Chicken!
If you are wondering why the post is titled “Chicken!” it is because with Norm at the off leash park, you tend to see a lot of this…
norm+and+pe 9 Chicken!

Cindy has discovered that if he knows there is chicken waiting for him (and she lets him know by calling out “Chicken!” whenever she wants him to come back), he usually comes back and does this…

norm+and+pe 4 Chicken!
Thanks Cindy for such a fabulous morning.  We can definitely do this again in the summer – but only if Barry agrees to come too!  :)
norm+and+pe 2 Chicken!