The Boys

February 22, 2010
Fort+MacLeod 6 The Boys
Jo, Kort, Tate and I went out to Fort MacLeod yesterday for some pictures.  The off leash park there is great, and usually deserted.
Fort+MacLeod 29 The Boys
I can only ever seem to find game paths to walk on, which is fine if you don’t mind a whole bunch of willows slapping your face with every step.  They sure look nice in the background though.  We did manage to find some “open” ground next to the fence which made walking easy for a while.
Fort+MacLeod 26 The Boys

As usual, the boys looked gorgeous.  Just look at that big white ruff!

Fort+MacLeod The Boys

I always enjoy seeing which pictures Jo will pick as her favourites. They aren’t usually the same ones I pick. I think I am getting better at figuring out what she likes though.  We’ll see how close I come this time.

Fort+MacLeod 21 The Boys

Thanks Jo for letting your dogs model for me again.  It is always a pleasure!

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  1. 2Elkies says:

    Those are great pictures and I'd expect nothing else with models like that. You must do nothing but groom them Jolene?? They always look perfect.