Eye Candy

March 12, 2010

All of Lily’s puppies have been adopted but I could not resist visiting with them again.  I could have spent all afternoon just watching them.  They were so cute and all so different.

This little dude has the sad puppy dog look down pat!
Puppy+1 Eye Candy

Puppy+2 Eye Candy
This guy totally cracked me up.  He hung out like this for quite a while.Puppy+3 Eye Candy
Don’t you love the little rolls of puppy fat on the guy below on the right?Puppy+4 Eye Candy
The “Cattle Dog” on the left was a trouble maker!  His sibling on the right was the complete opposite. His expression says it all.Puppy+5 Eye Candy
“Patches” is the second trouble maker in the litter.  Puppy+6 Eye Candy
I love the way none of them look like siblings. It is hard to believe they are even related.Puppy+7 Eye Candy

I have no idea what their names or sexes are – hence the nicknames and for some reason Patches is the only one that seemed like a girl to me!

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