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Baby Bloodhound

March 17, 2010
I’ve been watching this little guy grow up.  I see him about once a week at the dog park.  I love the little string of drool across his nose.  So typical!

blood Baby Bloodhound

I can’t wait to see him grow into his humongous feet.  He’s gonna be a very big boy.


March 17, 2010

IMG 0308 Aroooo!

This cutie is Ace.

This weeks featured breed is none other than Beagles!

Beagles have got to be one of the most popular dogs around and for good reason! Who can resist this face?

IMG 0214 Aroooo!

Ace again because how cute is he?!

Breed Standard from the CKC

Origin: Great Britain
Height: For field trialling and conformation shows, Beagles are divided into two classes—13 in (33 cm) and under, or over 13 in (33 cm) but under 15 in (38 cm)
Weight: 18 to 30 lbs

IMG 1545 Aroooo!

Snoopy the beagle. (Appropriately named!)

Brief History of the Beagle:
The Beagle’s origin is uncertain but it is believed that his ancestry dates back to 200 AD when he was bred to track small game by scent. Early development of the breed took place in Great Britain and was introduced in the United States in the 1870s. Previous to 1870, in the Southern United States, the then called Beagles resembled more of a straight-legged Basset or Dachshund. By this time, however, the first imports were brought in from England and breed type was established. In 1888, the National Beagle Club was formed and held its first trial.

The English variety of the Beagle was used to track fox and bred to an average height of about 15 to 17 inches while the American variety was bred smaller and used for rabbit hunting.

IMG 0896 Aroooo!

Little Bailey- woo woo wooing…
Breed Profile:

The Beagle is a wonderful family companion who is generally very good with children. He is a “pack animal” who requires companionship. If he cannot have companionship from other dogs, he will require it from his family. The breed is not one to bond with only one family member but rather, bonds to the entire family, especially children. He is bright, friendly, outgoing, inquisitive and active. He has a highly developed sense of smell and an independent nature and, therefore, may tend to roam. He is energetic, very alert and has incredible stamina so daily outdoor exercise is a must. Today, Beagles are seen in field trials, as well as the conformation ring, obedience competition, tracking, flyball, and agility.

The most common colours are tri-colour (black, tan and white) and tan and white (also called lemon and white or red and white), but they can be “any hound color”. They always have white feet as well as a white tip on their tail which makes them easier to follow in the field.



Shandi- no toy is too big for a beagle

We have plenty of Beagles at daycare and they are one of the best players. Most Beagles will play with just about any dog- regardless of age or size. We often call them the life of the party. They are happy, outgoing, and very busy. They also tend to be a little on the vocal side. :o) Although nothing is cuter than a baby beagle bay (bark) of happiness it can get old really quickly. Teaching them to be quiet on cue would be something that every beagle owner should work on.

IMG 9874 Aroooo!

Shandi again

They have have more energy than you’d expect for dog their size so it is important that they get regular walks, play, and socialising. Beagles are very food motivated and are quite smart- they love to learn, and excel at Obedience, Agility, and of course Tracking. Beagles are well known for their great noses and often have them where they shouldn’t be. They have got to be one of the nosiest dogs around and like to investigate new things. They are a charming little dog, and love their people. The ones here are often found on our laps, or at our feet.


Izzy, enjoying a sun spot.

The Beagle makes a great family pet- they are a nice size, don’t require much grooming (although they do shed!), and are just happy to spend time with the family. Typically they are great with kids, and love to do outdoor activity such as camping and hiking. They are not an outdoor dog, and do not have the type of fur that can withstand frigid temperatures. We call them sunseekers, as they tend to search out the sunpatches throughout the day, or cuddle up on the couch when it’s cold.

The Beagle Club of British Columbia has some great information about Beagles in general and what to expect if you own one.

There are lots of things about the Beagle that make them wonderful, but personally, My favorite part of a beagle are their ears!
IMG 2101 Aroooo!

Life Is Good

March 15, 2010
logo lig Life Is Good

We have been wanting to carry Life is Good products for quite a while. I love their upbeat messages and Rocket (the dog) is pretty cute. We’ve finally decided to carry some of their t-shirts and dog toys. Unfortunately their minimum order size is quite large so we won’t be able to pick up the odd item every now and then.

rocket the dog Life Is Good

Check out their website, and if you want anything specific please let us know by Friday March 26, and we’ll order it for you.  The prices will be slightly more expensive than what you see on their website as these are American prices.  For example, the Donut Frisbee which is listed for $10, will cost $12 and the $25 Cruiser T-shirts will be sold for $30.  If there is anything specific you want a price for, please don’t hesitate to ask.

13746 l Life Is Good

If you are still riding the wave of your Olympic pride, you might not want to miss their “Canada” stuff.

canada Life Is Good

Their ordering system is quite different from any of our other distributors so I’m not positive we’ll be able to get every item but we’ll let you know if they have what you want in stock.

Eye Candy

March 12, 2010

All of Lily’s puppies have been adopted but I could not resist visiting with them again.  I could have spent all afternoon just watching them.  They were so cute and all so different.

This little dude has the sad puppy dog look down pat!
Puppy+1 Eye Candy

Puppy+2 Eye Candy
This guy totally cracked me up.  He hung out like this for quite a while.Puppy+3 Eye Candy
Don’t you love the little rolls of puppy fat on the guy below on the right?Puppy+4 Eye Candy
The “Cattle Dog” on the left was a trouble maker!  His sibling on the right was the complete opposite. His expression says it all.Puppy+5 Eye Candy
“Patches” is the second trouble maker in the litter.  Puppy+6 Eye Candy
I love the way none of them look like siblings. It is hard to believe they are even related.Puppy+7 Eye Candy

I have no idea what their names or sexes are – hence the nicknames and for some reason Patches is the only one that seemed like a girl to me!

I Escaped

March 11, 2010
Without this dude in my pocket.  
Puppy I Escaped

It was close though!
More pictures from the shelter to come soon.

Wanna Play?

March 11, 2010

IMG 9942 Wanna Play?
Kaycee has the puppy dog eyes down pat!

beware the tongue…

March 10, 2010

IMG 9869 beware the tongue...
Alyera is a little overly friendly when she first arrives, and if you’re not careful you are liable to have a jack russell tongue in your mouth….gross, but true!

Breed of the Week 3

March 8, 2010

IMG 5221 Breed of the Week 3

As I was looking through the different breeds that come to daycare I kept seeing pictures of a particular dog that just screamed “BLOG ME!”…so although everyone knows about Border Collies, I just couldn’t resist.

From the CKC site:

(Listed) The craft of tending flocks of sheep was introduced to the British by the Romans and it wasn’t long before Celtic clans developed their own types of sheepdogs to tend to these tasks. One of these, the Border Collie, is recognized as the finest sheep-herding dog in the world. While appearance has been a major concern in many breeds, the working ability has always been the prime criterion in this breed.

Intelligence and trainability are a hallmark of the Border Collie. Alert and eager, the breed can display a single-mindedness for the task at hand. Affectionate with friends, the Border Collie may be reserved toward strangers.

‘Highly active’ only begins to describe the Border Collie. Swift, agile, tireless and with an incredible desire to work, the Border Collie is not for the couch-potato. This high-energy dog needs to work and if there are no sheep handy, it will thrive on such activities as flyball, agility, Frisbee-catching and advanced obedience.

There are two varieties of coat in the Border Collie. The smooth coat is short over the entire body with some feathering on the forelegs and chest. The rough coat is medium to long and may be flat or slightly wavy. Both varieties carry a soft undercoat beneath the weather-resistant outer coat.

The Border Collie comes in many colours and colour combinations. The most common is black with white markings on the collar, blaze, stockings and tail tip. However, dogs may be a solid colour (with the exception of all white), bi-colour, tri-colour, merle or sable.

Both coats are easy care and may be maintained with regular brushing.


 Breed of the Week 3

A good Border Collie is one with a job- fetch, tricks, regular walks, haiking, camping, agility, obedience, flyball…pretty much anything to keep them physically and mentally active. In the house they should be calm and relaxed, only turning into busy dogs when asked or out doing something fun- but without exercise will be busy all the time. Border collies are VERY smart, so smart in fact that they often train their owners without them even knowing! Almost all of the Border Collies that come to daycare have trained us how to play fetch with them…and will convince us over, and over, and over to throw the ball.

IMG 4996 Breed of the Week 3

The border collies at daycare tend to be good players, but mostly love to be with us. They are often at our feet, or pushing a ball into our hands. They are very much people dogs, who just want to please. As mentioned in the breed description above they come in all colors and two coat varieties. Most common is a black and white with a rough coat. We do have a few smooths that come, and they all have different ears it seems!

IMG 8030 Breed of the Week 3

Border Collies do make GREAT pets, if you are active. They are not for couch potatoes, nor are they for fairweather walkers. They need exercise every day, and will get pretty creative to exercise themselves. One must be on their toes if you own a Border Collie!

vancouver 3 Breed of the Week 3

Fun at the Shelter

March 6, 2010
Every time I go to the animal shelter, strong emotions emerge and today was no different except today started with pure delight.  I LOVE Tonka.
tonka+1 Fun at the Shelter

He was such a riot.  He would fetch the ball, bring it back but then lie down and tuck the ball under his chin.  When you reached for the ball he would use his head to block your hand.  It was all part of the game and you really had to dig to get the ball back.

Tonka+2 Fun at the Shelter
And then Guiness, reminded me of Chewy at the daycare. He kept pawing and meowing asking to climb aboard.  If I didn’t already have a cat, I think this one would have been coming home with me.  He had a great personality.  And don’t you love those wild eyebrows?
Climbing+Cat Fun at the Shelter

Cleopatra (below) made me a little sad. She was very scared and just wanted to be comforted.  I was on the floor taking pictures and she would crawl under my legs to find a safe spot and a few times when I was laying down she burrowed under my head and made a little nest in my hair.  She was so sweet and just wanted to be loved.

head Fun at the Shelter

And there is always something about Siamese crosses.  They are just soooo gorgeous.

siamese+cross 1 Fun at the Shelter

Campino definitely has the best name!  He too was a little unsure of his new situation but with a little time and patience, he would make a very sweet companion.

Campino Fun at the Shelter

As always, this is just a taste of the pets at the shelter.  Go visit, fall in love, and bring a new friend home.

Everyone’s friend

March 3, 2010

Heidi came to daycare for the first time on Monday and was a hit. EVERYBODY wanted to be her friend, and she was happy to oblige. She kept up to those young puppies all morning, but from what her parents say she was pretty tired that afternoon!

IMG 6592 Everyones friend

IMG 6789 Everyones friend
IMG 6641 Everyones friend

Isn’t she cute?

IMG 6666 Everyones friend