Puppy Party

March 20, 2010

Are you ready?  Here is your weekly puppy fix!  They probably won’t be there next week and I’ll be really sad. They were so much fun to spend time with.  I took them into the room I use to photograph the cats today and let them run around and have fun.

This little girl (I finally looked) thought my fingers were the most fun thing in the room.
Shelter 11 Puppy Party

Patch is trying hard to look sweet and innocent but I saw him grab his siblings’ rolls of puppy fat and Shake, Shake, Shake!  Don’t let this cute face fool you.  He is a sassy one!

Shelter 12 Puppy Party

What did I tell you?

Shelter 13 Puppy Party
She was so cuddly and sweet…
Shelter 14 Puppy Party

… when she wasn’t trying to bite me.
Bite Puppy Party
And just when you thought she couldn’t open her mouth any wider, she cranked it open one more notch.
Shelter 15 Puppy Party
The black and tan siblings seemed to be the much mellower of the litter.
Shelter 16 Puppy Party
This little one enjoyed hanging out in the cat stand instead of biting my fingers and toes.
Shelter 17 Puppy Party
She also managed to get the toy briefly and pose cutely.
Shelter 18 Puppy Party
Usually when they got the toy, the tried hard to get in a corner to chew it in peace.
Shelter 20 Puppy Party
By the end of our play session, they were all ready for a nap.  Even little Jersey.
Shelter 21 Puppy Party
I’m gonna miss the little cuties!


  1. alexa says:

    What cuties!! I love how they chew on the toys up against the wall! Adorable!!

  2. manymuddypaws says:

    wow- that top one sure looks like a coonhound now!!!