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March 19, 2010

I hope you guys are getting tired of pictures of the dogs and cats at the shelter.  I’m still enjoying visiting with them every week.  Some weeks are emotionally harder than others.  This week was a good one.  It probably helps that I spent about 45 minutes hanging out with Lily’s puppies.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see those pics though.  Today I’m going to grace you with some of the dogs and cats waiting for new homes or waiting to be claimed by their previous families.  I believe all these dogs are still within their first 72 hours and may be reunited with their homes still.

This big boy was the first Great Pyrenees I’ve met that gave me the time of day.  He was so friendly and took treats very gently. He has obviously been loved.  I hope his family finds him.
Shelter Shelter Pictures

This little pitbull girl was so cute.  You just needed to playfully jab her on the side and she take off and get the zoomies.

Shelter 2 Shelter Pictures

Shelter 3 Shelter Pictures

And did you see her eyes?  Gorgeous eh?
Shelter 4 Shelter Pictures

This poor girl was petrified of the camera. I could get her to come up to me with a little coaxing and even sniff the side of the camera but the moment I pointed the lens at her, she just melted and backed away.  I spent most of my time just petting her and hanging out.  If she is still there next week, we’ll try again.  She really is quite cute.

Shelter 5 Shelter Pictures

Today was not a good day with me and the cats.  First off, I wasn’t very happy with many of my photos – lots of them were blurry.  Secondly, I hadn’t been hissed at once in all my visits and today it was almost constant. This guy hissed every time I entered the room.  Hence his picture of him still in his litter box!  Notice how innocent he looks?

Shelter 6 Shelter Pictures

This one at least gave me the benefit of the doubt and didn’t actually hiss until I tried to pick him up.  Hence his picture in the kennel.

Shelter 8 Shelter Pictures

I’m not sure if I made this guy happy or really annoyed.  At one point I thought someone was running some sort of machinery outside… and then I realized it was him… growling.  Yikes!  But then I realized he would growl when eating the treats I had.  So maybe it was a happy noise?  That doesn’t explain the hiss when I reached out to pet him though!  Really, it wasn’t my day to interact with cats.

Shelter 9 Shelter Pictures
And this dude was seriously good looking.  You have to go see him for yourself as the picture does not do him justice.
Shelter 10 Shelter Pictures

As always, if you are looking at adding a furry friend to your family, be sure to check out the Lethbridge Animal Shelter!

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