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I’m still taking lots of pictures (despite the evidence on this blog!).  I’ve been taking lots for the Windy City Canine Rescue and I finally went back to the Animal Shelter after being gone for about a month.  It was a combination of feeling disheartened and just too darn busy.

Cute Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe

Yesterday was a horribly rainy day so I didn’t take any pictures of the dogs, I just focused on the cats.  When you haven’t been in a month, there are a lot of cats to take pictures of!  They had a bunch of kittens that recently came in that were cute, cute, cute.  My favourite was Eeny.  He was a complete ham and kept rolling around on floor.  Below he is demonstrating his signature yoga move – Upward Cat.

Eeny Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe

If you are looking for a new furry friend, please consider adopting one.  There are so many wonderful cats and dogs in shelters and rescue, it is hard to believe anyone was able to part with them in the first place.


April 27, 2010
I think I’m in love.

IMG 7763 Jager

It happens every time we have a new puppy at daycare.

IMG 7756 Jager

I think Bailey liked him too.

IMG 7855 Jager

As did Cooper.  He was thrilled to have a young wild guy (like himself) here to play with.

IMG 7815 Jager

What are you doing on May 29?

walk 3 Purina Walk for Guide Dogs   2010

Why don’t you come on down and join Paws on the Run at the Purina Walk for Guide Dogs. When you register to walk, you are making a commitment to help thousands of Canadians that require the assistance of a Dog Guide. If you can’t make it on the walk, you can also make a difference by donating. Thanks to their generous sponsors, 100% of your donations go directly towards Lions Foundation of Canada and its Dog Guide programs.

walk 2 Purina Walk for Guide Dogs   2010

The walk is on May 29, at Nicholas Sheran Park starting at 11:00 a.m.  We’d love to see you there.

walk Purina Walk for Guide Dogs   2010

If you like to donate, please click the logo below and it will take you to the donation page.

PWFDG+logo Purina Walk for Guide Dogs   2010
K%26O 9 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

Kalo might be getting on in years, but it looks like his younger brother Oddie is keeping him feeling young.

K%26O 6 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

He was super frisky our entire walk and was really loving the green bone I brought.

K%26O 5 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

K%26O 10 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

Oddie on the other hand, preferred the Cuz.

K%26O 3 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

K%26O Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

Oddie had me mesmerized with the colour of his eyes.  I don’t think I had ever noticed before that they were yellow.

K%26O 4 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young
The weather was so nice and warm, the dogs even managed a dip in the river.

K%26O 8 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

And despite my best efforts, this was the only picture I got of the two of them!

K%26O 7 Kalo and Oddie – Staying Young

Thanks boys for a fabulous morning!  I hope you were tired by the end of our walk.  I know I was!


April 23, 2010

keep us entertained pretty much all day. :o)

This is from yesterday morning.

Dancing on the Table

April 21, 2010

Lindsay decided to show off her dance moves while on top of the picnic table outside.

Dancing Dancing on the Table

Dancing 3 Dancing on the Table

Dancing 2 Dancing on the Table

Not bad little dancer eh?  Who said dancers need long legs?  Apparently long ears make a great substitute

Joined at the hip

April 20, 2010

IMG 7565 Joined at the hip
Jack and Kerry are littermates. At a glance it is difficult (if not impossible) to tell them apart. Good thing they are always together! Usually where one is, the other is sure to be close by. They even play as a team. It’s pretty cute!

 Joined at the hip

It feels like it has been a very long time since I’ve had a photo session.  I had almost forgotten how much fun they were!  I had a great time and I know Kalo and Oddie did too.  They were completely in love with the toys that I brought, so much so, they never ended up playing together which we wanted pictures of.  So we are going to hook up for another quick walk one day and fix that.  :)

Here are two just to wet your appetite – my favourites are always the goofy ones.

Kalo+and+Oddie 4 Teaser – {Kalo and Oddie}

Kalo+and+Oddie 3 Teaser – {Kalo and Oddie}

More to follow in a day or two.


April 16, 2010

Wanna share my bone?


Coco is more than happy to share his toys with people….he’s not so good at sharing with other dogs though. :o) Good thing he’s so cute (makes up for the naughtiness)

the day after…

April 15, 2010

Matty doesn’t seem to mind the snow, but it sure wreaked havoc yesterday!!!
IMG 7453 the day after...
IMG 7440 the day after...
IMG 7436 the day after...
IMG 7442 the day after...
IMG 7429 the day after...
IMG 7428 the day after...
Thanks to our clients for being so understanding yesterday!

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