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I had the pleasure of photographing these two gorgeous Australian Shepherds this weekend.  I don’t think either of them could produce a bad picture if they tried.

Esmae is the younger, wilder sister….

Esmae 1 Esmae and Massey {Aussie Fever}

Massey is older and a little more laid back but can still turn on the burners when she wants to.

Esmae 3 Esmae and Massey {Aussie Fever}

Esmae is the model in the family and was constantly striking a pose.

Esmae 4 Esmae and Massey {Aussie Fever}

Massey was much more fixated on getting and keeping it away from her younger, brattier sister.

Esmae 5 Esmae and Massey {Aussie Fever}
And apparently her mom too!  :)
Esmae 7 Esmae and Massey {Aussie Fever}

And one last one showing off how beautiful and athletic these dogs are!  What you didn’t get to see was how snuggly these two dogs are too. I couldn’t crouch or sit down without a few kisses planted on my face.

Esmae 6 Esmae and Massey {Aussie Fever}

Thanks Maureen for joining me on Saturday night!  I always enjoy being kissed and cuddled by your two sweet girls.

Bark in the Park

June 30, 2010

The Windy City Canine Rescue is hosting a fun dog event on Saturday.  It should be a lot of fun.  You can find more information on their blog.

binthepark Bark in the Park

Remembering Molly

June 29, 2010
Molly 4 Remembering Molly

It is with a very heavy heart, and with tears in my eyes that I write this.  Molly peacefully crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge late last week.

Molly 38 Remembering Molly

She was a dog that you couldn’t help but love.  She was sweet.  She was affectionate.  She was even sassy when in the right mood.  :)

Molly 15 Remembering Molly

I met Molly during my dog walking days and we had a lot of fun exploring her neighborhood and beyond.  It took a few weeks for her to learn to trust me but after she did, every visit I was greeted with “cat rubs” and tail wags.  She came to the daycare every week after we opened and she always was asking for pats and rubs, which we were happy to provide her with.

Molly 40 Remembering Molly

She lived a long and happy life but that doesn’t seem to make saying goodbye any easier. 
We’ll miss you Molly.

he wants to be a super model icon smile When Cody grows up....

IMG 8985 When Cody grows up....

Here is Cody showing off our new ID tags.

IMG 8976 When Cody grows up....

These tags are on all of the daycare playsafe collars. This way the dogs always have identification on them.

IMG 8994 When Cody grows up....

Thanks to Cody for being a great model!

IMG 8978 When Cody grows up....


June 25, 2010 defines Perseverance as;
steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Not all dogs love daycare right away. Some take a little bit of time to get used to the sights and sounds of such a busy place. And some take a LOT of time to get used to things. Each dog is different- sometimes they are playing within a few minutes (or seconds!), and sometimes it takes a few visits. We tell clients after each visit how their dog did- who they played with, if they were nervous, happy, or over excited.

Most dogs who are nervous or scared at first will warm up eventually- it just takes a bit of time, and perseverance. We will work with the owner to find out what makes the dog most comfortable- for some we suggest bringing them more frequently, but for shorter length of time. Others we suggest to bring them only on slow days to start when it is less busy. We truly want each dog to learn to be social and have a good time in the company of other dogs and us!

Mia has been coming to daycare for a few months now is a good example of why we encourage people to keep trying, and keep bringing them even if at first they aren’t having fun. When Mia first started coming she was afraid of us, and of the dogs. She needed to have a leash on so that we were able to catch her at home time. Slowly she started getting more and more used to us, and she made dog friends.

Now she pulls her owner in and gives us a tail wag on the way. She is excited to get here, and always manages to find a friend. She still can be a little overwhelmed at times, but with a little comfort from us she is set to go back and play. It is heartwarming to see a dog like Mia come out of her shell.

This is Mia on one of her first visits. She wouldn’t let us approach her, and you can see the leash attached to her collar. Notice her stiff posture and scared expression.

IMG 7350 Perseverance

This is Mia this morning- playing with me, tail wagging, and clearly having a good time. The photos aren’t great as she was convinced the camera was a toy. :o)

IMG 8022 Perseverance
IMG 8971 Perseverance
IMG 8970 Perseverance
IMG 8968 Perseverance

I’d say she’s come a pretty long way in a short time! Yay for Mia!

We thought it was about time we introduced the newest member of our staff on the blog!

Maureen comes to us with lots of dog experience and in just a few short weeks has made friends with all the dogs at daycare! She is working the morning shift with Amanda.
 A Proper Introduction

(And just so you know Lindsay and Maeby adore her!)

To say that we’ve had a wet spring, would be a bit of an understatement.  Jake was trying to call everyone to higher ground.

IMG 8925 Head to Higher Ground

Alyera could only stand and look pathetic in the middle of the “lake”.  :)

IMG 8898 Head to Higher Ground

Jade didn’t know what the big fuss was about.  She was quite enjoying playing in the rain!

IMG 8888 Head to Higher Ground

Draco’s personality is bigger than his ears believe it or not! He is one smooth pup and has made friends with everyone in the small dog room. He loves everyone and already greets dogs like a pro. I have a feeling he will have no problem moving to the big dog room when the time comes!

IMG 8882 Bigger than his ears....
IMG 8860 Bigger than his ears....
IMG 8878 Bigger than his ears....
IMG 8869 Bigger than his ears....

Good Boy Gordie

June 15, 2010

IMG 8801 Good Boy Gordie

IMG 8813 Good Boy Gordie

IMG 8794 Good Boy Gordie
IMG 8793 Good Boy Gordie
IMG 8791 Good Boy Gordie
IMG 8792 Good Boy Gordie
IMG 8788 Good Boy Gordie
Gordie is one of those dogs that can make you smile just by doing nothing at all. He is very sweet, and happy, and just an all around good boy.

Queen of the Castle

June 14, 2010

IMG 4025 Queen of the Castle
IMG 4029 Queen of the Castle
Belle likes to survey her kingdom from the castle at least once a day. icon smile Queen of the Castle

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