June 25, 2010 defines Perseverance as;
steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Not all dogs love daycare right away. Some take a little bit of time to get used to the sights and sounds of such a busy place. And some take a LOT of time to get used to things. Each dog is different- sometimes they are playing within a few minutes (or seconds!), and sometimes it takes a few visits. We tell clients after each visit how their dog did- who they played with, if they were nervous, happy, or over excited.

Most dogs who are nervous or scared at first will warm up eventually- it just takes a bit of time, and perseverance. We will work with the owner to find out what makes the dog most comfortable- for some we suggest bringing them more frequently, but for shorter length of time. Others we suggest to bring them only on slow days to start when it is less busy. We truly want each dog to learn to be social and have a good time in the company of other dogs and us!

Mia has been coming to daycare for a few months now is a good example of why we encourage people to keep trying, and keep bringing them even if at first they aren’t having fun. When Mia first started coming she was afraid of us, and of the dogs. She needed to have a leash on so that we were able to catch her at home time. Slowly she started getting more and more used to us, and she made dog friends.

Now she pulls her owner in and gives us a tail wag on the way. She is excited to get here, and always manages to find a friend. She still can be a little overwhelmed at times, but with a little comfort from us she is set to go back and play. It is heartwarming to see a dog like Mia come out of her shell.

This is Mia on one of her first visits. She wouldn’t let us approach her, and you can see the leash attached to her collar. Notice her stiff posture and scared expression.

IMG 7350 Perseverance

This is Mia this morning- playing with me, tail wagging, and clearly having a good time. The photos aren’t great as she was convinced the camera was a toy. :o)

IMG 8022 Perseverance
IMG 8971 Perseverance
IMG 8970 Perseverance
IMG 8968 Perseverance

I’d say she’s come a pretty long way in a short time! Yay for Mia!

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  1. Mrs. JP says:

    Oh, Mia is smiling in the "after" pictures! Good for her.