Remembering Molly

June 29, 2010
Molly 4 Remembering Molly

It is with a very heavy heart, and with tears in my eyes that I write this.  Molly peacefully crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge late last week.

Molly 38 Remembering Molly

She was a dog that you couldn’t help but love.  She was sweet.  She was affectionate.  She was even sassy when in the right mood.  :)

Molly 15 Remembering Molly

I met Molly during my dog walking days and we had a lot of fun exploring her neighborhood and beyond.  It took a few weeks for her to learn to trust me but after she did, every visit I was greeted with “cat rubs” and tail wags.  She came to the daycare every week after we opened and she always was asking for pats and rubs, which we were happy to provide her with.

Molly 40 Remembering Molly

She lived a long and happy life but that doesn’t seem to make saying goodbye any easier. 
We’ll miss you Molly.


  1. Sandy says:

    Rest in peace Molly. I was fortunate enough to be trusted with "cat rubs". What a sweetheart, she will be missed.

  2. Constance says:

    Thanks for this. She was the best dog in the world. We miss her so much.

  3. onecollie says:

    Good Bye Molly, I will also miss your "cat rubs" & sweet face….you were a lovely gentle girl♥…..

  4. WigglyZack says:

    Molly lived 4 doors down from where I live. Zack and i will miss seeing her walking by. Rest in Peace Molly.