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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Bailey.  I’ll never grow tired of beagles!
She is trying to pretend she is a serious dog, but we all know better!
Bailey 5 In the Backyard with Bailey
She had the best backyard ever!  Tonnes of space to run and jump and lots of things to sniff and explore.
Bailey 6 In the Backyard with Bailey
She never really sat still the whole time I was there.  She was always ready for her next adventure and was game for anything we wanted to do.
Bailey 8 In the Backyard with Bailey
Like every beagle I’ve ever met, she loved to fetch and tug.  
Bailey 11 In the Backyard with Bailey
She also showed off her great obedience skills. She was a wonderful little heeler and started up at her momma the whole time. It was very cute.
Bailey 12 In the Backyard with Bailey
She also goes along for bike rides every day. She is actually attached to the bike in this picture below, but I cloned out the leash.  I think a bike would be the only way to keep up with this active girl.
Bailey 14 In the Backyard with Bailey
She will occasionally settle down for a quick chew of a toy, but as you can tell by her alert tail, she is ready to go at a moment’s notice!
Bailey 9 In the Backyard with Bailey

Thanks Bailey and Pam for a great morning!  If you ever wake up to find a tent in your backyard, don’t worry… it is just me, enjoying some “country life”.  :)

IMG 9869 Leaping for the Long Weekend!
okay, so Charlee really wasn’t excited about the long weekend- but she was certainly excited about the good weather that brings out the pool and hose. She is very much a water dog. icon smile Leaping for the Long Weekend!

IMG 9873 Leaping for the Long Weekend!

IMG 9876 Leaping for the Long Weekend!

To let sleeping dogs lie?

When you disturb them you are likely to be met with an expression like this…
IMG 9577 Didnt your mother ever tell you?
Daisy was not impressed that I disturbed her afternoon nap for a photo. icon smile Didnt your mother ever tell you?

Izzy Plays Ball

July 28, 2010
Izzy Izzy Plays Ball

If I’d been thinking straight, I would have brought a baseball to this photo session.  Izzy isn’t used to running around off leash so instead of just letting her loose in the coulees, we brought her to a nice fenced area.  These are hard to find around Lethbridge, but if you go early enough in the morning, you just might be able to sneak on to a ball diamond in Dave Elton Park.  Shhh…. Don’t tell anyone as I don’t think technically we were allowed to be there!

Izzy 2 Izzy Plays Ball

Izzy thought she had died and gone to heaven.  She had a blast running around and following her nose.  And we only had one small opening in the fence to guard to make sure she didn’t end up roaming the streets.

Izzy 3 Izzy Plays Ball

After she had her fill of the ball diamond, we headed home for some more pictures where she was a little more comfortable and a little more focused on playing.

Izzy 4 Izzy Plays Ball

Izzy 6 Izzy Plays Ball

There is a reason I love beagles…. Just look at this face!

Izzy 11 Izzy Plays Ball

And they are clever too.  Especially when food was involved.  I think it only took 3 treats to teach Izzy how to catch!

Izzy 7 Izzy Plays Ball

Thanks Roberta and Izzy for spending the morning with me.  I’m glad we all survived Izzy’s first off leash adventure!

Be Mine

July 28, 2010

IMG 9793 Be Mine

This is Valentine- she is a German Shorthair puppy and earned her name at a young age because of this:

 Be Mine

An almost perfectly shaped heart on her side. Cool eh?

She came for her first visit this past Monday and like all Shorthairs was the life of the party and had no problem making friends.

Unlikely Friends

July 27, 2010

IMG 9822 Unlikely Friends
Duke the Golden came for the first time yesterday and almost immediately buddied up with Murphy the cocker. They pretty well played together all morning. It was pretty cute.

Just Ben

July 26, 2010

Today is Ben’s first day here, but he’s an old pro at daycare and has had no problem making new friends.

IMG 9772 Just Ben
IMG 9756 Just Ben
IMG 9755 Just Ben
IMG 9753 Just Ben
IMG 9746 Just Ben

He is very sweet and is a laid back “just go with the flow” kinda guy.

IMG 9648 the glint in her eye
generally means that Piper is thinking about doing something bad, but in this case I think she’s enjoying the sun!

Water Dogs

July 21, 2010

waterdogs Water Dogs

Okay, I know I posted a blog already today-
but this afternoon we bought a pool.

The dogs were SO excited. Everyone was very wet, and very happy!

Now hopefully they dry before their owners start showing up! icon smile Water Dogs

Left to Right
Guiness (the big photo)
Dreyfuss and Sherlock, Jackie, King and Guiness, Dozer, Maggie Mae, Shelby, Rudy, Brodie