Davin 9 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

This is exactly how I feel in the mountains too.
Davin 1 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

I met Davin and Michelle after hiking with my family for the day on Sunday.  I was tired and as I tried to recuperate in a coffee shop prior to our session, I really didn’t know if I had the energy left to take pictures.  But the moment we got out there, I forgot all about my tiredness.

Davin 3 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

After living in the Crowsnest Pass for more than 30 years, Michelle knows a few hidden places with the most amazing scenery!

Davin 6 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

Add a goofy, fun-loving dog to that scenery and you get magic.

Davin 4 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

I love this next picture. Davin was constantly trying to steal the toy out of Michelle’s hands.

Davin 5 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

After we left the knoll with the gorgeous scenery, we headed down to a lake for some water fun.  Davin was equally excited to be playing in the water.

Davin 7 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

Wet, mucky, messy dog.  I love it!  :)

Davin 8 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

Davin2 1 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}

Thanks Michelle and Davin!  You are definitely going to have to show me more of these hidden places. I think I know a few pups would would have fun out there getting wet and dirty.

Davin 10 Davin {Wild in the Rockies}


  1. Taryn says:

    What absolutely GORGEOUS scenery! I need to move! Lovely pictures of the dog, too, of course!

  2. Ruth says:

    He's beautiful! You're brilliant at taking pictures!