Izzy Plays Ball

July 28, 2010
Izzy Izzy Plays Ball

If I’d been thinking straight, I would have brought a baseball to this photo session.  Izzy isn’t used to running around off leash so instead of just letting her loose in the coulees, we brought her to a nice fenced area.  These are hard to find around Lethbridge, but if you go early enough in the morning, you just might be able to sneak on to a ball diamond in Dave Elton Park.  Shhh…. Don’t tell anyone as I don’t think technically we were allowed to be there!

Izzy 2 Izzy Plays Ball

Izzy thought she had died and gone to heaven.  She had a blast running around and following her nose.  And we only had one small opening in the fence to guard to make sure she didn’t end up roaming the streets.

Izzy 3 Izzy Plays Ball

After she had her fill of the ball diamond, we headed home for some more pictures where she was a little more comfortable and a little more focused on playing.

Izzy 4 Izzy Plays Ball

Izzy 6 Izzy Plays Ball

There is a reason I love beagles…. Just look at this face!

Izzy 11 Izzy Plays Ball

And they are clever too.  Especially when food was involved.  I think it only took 3 treats to teach Izzy how to catch!

Izzy 7 Izzy Plays Ball

Thanks Roberta and Izzy for spending the morning with me.  I’m glad we all survived Izzy’s first off leash adventure!


  1. Kiki says:

    Whoops sorry I posted this comment on the wrong post! I meant to do it on the post with Bailey.

  2. Kiki says:

    The fourth picture reminds me of my beagle Kusy. That's exactly the same expression that he has when we tug a toy around. Remarkably, he doesn't really like to fetch unless he feels like it and isn't distracted by things. Awesome pictures!