Before every photo session, I ask clients to fill out a short questionnaire that gives me a little information about your dogs, what you are looking for in your images, what kind of toys and treats they like, etc.  In this case, it was hardly a short questionnaire as Christine has 4 dogs!  Four wild, crazy, fun loving dogs.  I was in heaven.

We’ll start with Summer who is the oldest.  Christine asked if I could get some pictures of her having a  good time and probably a few shots with a ball.

Good time… Check!  She has the most irresistible smile!

Kitty+et+al 3 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Ball picture… well, this is her running after a ball… Sort of Check?!

Kitty+et+al 7 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Picture with the ball… errr…. ahhh…  I looked through the gallery I put together and discovered that I have every other dog with a toy in their mouth but not Summer.  How did that happen?  Most of her pictures were of her chasing to get it and not of her actually holding it!  Oops!  I went back through the original photos and will be adding these to your gallery Christine.  Sorry about that.

Kitty+et+al 21 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Kitty+et+al 23 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Next there is Kitty.  She’s a Catahoula cross.  Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?

Kitty+et+al 8 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Christine wanted some pictures of her goofy playful nature, some of her moving fast and some wrestling shots.

Moving fast… Check!

Kitty+et+al 6 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Playful Nature… Check!

Kitty+et+al 24 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Wrestling pictures… FAIL!

Unfortunately we weren’t blessed with a wrestling match on our walk. The dogs were too busy running, playing with toys and eating mushrooms to wrestle. I think we were both disappointed with this but there was nothing we could do.

Next up is Willow,  a beautiful, young flat coated retriever that came from Blazingstar right here is southern Alberta.  (Liz and Andy are both amazing photographers and they happen to have a litter of puppies at the moment so if you want to get your puppy fix, be sure to click on the link above!  You can also find pictures of Willow as a puppy too.)

Kitty+et+al 9 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Christine wanted some pictures of her bubbly personality and mostly of her having fun.

Fun… Check!

Kitty+et+al 2 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Bubbly…. Check!

Kitty+et+al 25 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

And last, but definitely not least we come to River.  He is the newest and youngest addition to her clan and like Kitty is a Catahoula cross.  He is shy with new people, but I was instantly smitten.  Not only is he stunning but he is also polite and playful – a great combination.

Kitty+et+al 4 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Christine was looking for some pictures of his unique eys, his tooth grin and his wild ears.  The wild ears were no problem at all.  I don’t think they look the same in any two pictures!

Ears… Check!

Kitty+et+al 1 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Eyes… Check!  Ears again… Check! Check!

Kitty+et+al 11 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Goofy Grin….  Check!  Ears again… Check! Check! Check!

Kitty+et+al 26 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Have you noticed anything in common with the dogs?  Check out their gorgeous bling.  They are all wearing absolutely stunning collars.  You are all jealous right?  Well, you are in luck.  I know where she got them from.  She makes them!  Christine has a thriving business called Nearly Naked Neckwear and she has a tonne of gorgeous collars.  You can even order them on-line.  But you better grab a cup of coffee first as you’ll be there for a while drooling over all the gorgeous options.

Kitty+et+al 5 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River

Thanks so much for the walk, the laughter and for introducing me to your clan Christine!  I’m not sure how you do it all – full time job, successful business owner AND you’ve managed to raise 4 amazing dogs that were an absolute joy to be around.  I hope I managed to capture even a hint of their personalities and their love for you, and each other.

Kitty+et+al 12 Summer, Kitty, Willow and River


  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree with Deb – the last shot is the mom

  2. Priscilla says:

    Lovely photos!NOw I know why it's called Paws on the run photography!

  3. Kiki says:

    Great pictures!

  4. deb says:

    LOVE that last shot! Fun!