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A Howling Good Time

October 30, 2010

The 4th Annual Howl-o-Ween party was a lot of fun!  We played games, we ate lots of chocolate, the dogs got to eat cake and we had some off leash fun as well.

Howl 88 A Howling Good Time
If you want to see more pictures, they are all posted on our new Facebook page.  It was way easier to put them all up there, than here.  So go on and check them out!
Howl 89 A Howling Good Time


October 29, 2010

We decided to create a Facebook page to help us keep all of you up to date with what is happening at the daycare and with the photography side of the business.  Become a fan to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

Seal of Approval

October 27, 2010

We just received some new toys from West Paw Design.  In our order, were some mini Ziscs (aka small frisbees).  I was a little worried that the frisbees wouldn’t fly very far, because they aren’t very big. One of the things I love about the original Ziscs is that they fly really well, even though I’m not very good at throwing frisbees.

Test Seal of Approval

So I grabbed one off the shelf and tested it out today with my two dogs.

Test 2 Seal of Approval

They loved it!  And I loved it too.  I think it goes just as far as the big one and Lacey (the smaller dog) was able to carry it and not trip over it.

Test 3 Seal of Approval

And just like all their other Zogoflex toys, they are guaranteed to last!  AND they are easy to clean….

Test4 Seal of Approval

… which is a very good thing!

So if you are looking for a fun toy for your small (or large) dog, check them out next time you are in.  You won’t be disappointed.

A Little Drama

October 25, 2010
My husband and I spent the weekend replacing many of the lights at the daycare (over 50 bulbs!!!).  It is much brighter inside now, but I have a feeling my days of taking dramatic door lit shots like this may be over!
Griffin getting a swipe across the face by someone’s tail.

Light 3 A Little Drama

Maynard with a smile on his face.
Light 4 A Little Drama

Fundy, working the shadows for added drama.
Light 5 A Little Drama

Matika was born to model!
Light 6 A Little Drama

Billy Boy

October 24, 2010
Billy is with the Windy City Canine Rescue.  He came from horrible circumstances but despite all that, he is such a sweetheart.
Billy 2 Billy Boy


October 21, 2010

IMG 1178 Sharing
Jake says that sharing is overrated. icon smile Sharing Maynard on the other hand seems pretty happy about it!

The color yellow…

October 20, 2010

always makes us happy doesn’t it??IMG 1258 The color yellow...


October 16, 2010

If you’ve ever been to the Paws on the Run Daycare, odds are, you’ll have met Chewy.

Chewy 4 Chewy

Often you’ll find her sleeping in her box on top of the filing cabinet but other times she’ll do her best to climb aboard yours shoulders. The first time she does it to someone, the expression on their face is priceless – they are always so shocked and she makes them feel very special.

Card Chewy

The dogs love her – Ben cries every afternoon on his way out the door because he is so anxious to spot her, Rudy often gets kisses (with both paws on either side of his head), and Milo usually gets love bites on his forehead.  She is obviously quite gentle as they keep coming back for more.

Chewy 5 Chewy

The clients love her too – Cooper’s mom brings her treats, Charlee’s mom brings her toys and Jackie’s kids come running in just to see her.  We often come to the front to see Chewy lapping up the love from various clients.

Play Chewy

I’m astonished by the number of kids (and adults) that peer through the window looking for her.  She is obviously a neighborhood favourite and often goes to the window to say hello to her fans.

Chewy 3 Chewy

Even though it is a dog daycare, the place just wouldn’t be the same without her!

howl 4th Annual Howl O Ween Party

It is almost that time of year again and that means that everyone’s favourite dog event is coming soon.  Please join us for our 4th Annual Howl-o-ween Party on October 30 from 1-3.  This is a free event open to all clients and it is always a lot of fun.

There will be food, games (wiener dunking, musical mats, races, etc.) and prizes for the games as well as the best costumes. Costumes are optional, but are definitely encouraged.  After the event, if we have time, we’ll have a short session of “indoor dog park” where the dogs can run around and burn off some of that “candy” they’ll have eaten.

Please RSVP by Wednesday October 27, to just to confirm your attendance as we need to know how many people to expect.


October 14, 2010
Shelby really knows how to relax after an afternoon of playing.

Relax Relax

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