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CLOSED for the Holidays

December 24, 2010
Just a reminder that the daycare is closed from December 24 until January 3.
Belle CLOSED for the Holidays

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

The Look

December 23, 2010

I think Boomer’s meaning is very clear…

the+look The Look

At Long Last

December 23, 2010
Izzy+and+Marlee 1 At Long Last

Desi won a free session that I donated to Windy City Canine Rescue‘s Bark in the Park event back in the summer.  We finally managed to get together for some pictures of the pups a few weeks ago and I’m now finally managing to blog about it!

Izzy+and+Marlee 2 At Long Last

Izzy, the lab, used to come to daycare quite regularly, but I hadn’t seen her in a while.  I’m not sure she recognized me, but it was sure nice to see her again.  She looked great and is just as fun loving as ever.

Izzy+and+Marlee 8 At Long Last

Izzy+and+Marlee 12 At Long Last

Marlee, the chihuahua cross, spent the entire session wowing me with how much spunk chi’s really can have.  This girl, is not a pocket princess!

Izzy+and+Marlee 11 At Long Last

Izzy+and+Marlee 9 At Long Last

We got together shortly after a major snowfall.  The wind had blown most of the snow off the fields but a tractor had to be brought in to clear off their driveway which made for some fun man-made drifts for the dogs to run on.

Izzy+and+Marlee 6 At Long Last

Izzy had fun amusing me by running over and over the hill after her ball.

Izzy+and+Marlee 7 At Long Last

While Marlee spent most of her time enjoying the view from the top.

Izzy+and+Marlee 5 At Long Last

We also had a little man helping us by throwing the ball for the dogs.

Izzy+and+Marlee 3 At Long Last

He also really liked to pose for the camera.  :)

Izzy+and+Marlee 4 At Long Last

Thanks Desi for letting me have fun with the girls (and little man)!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


December 21, 2010
Sherlock LOVES the big yard more than any other dog at daycare. This is him begging to be let out to play…
IMG 3687 Please...
and of course we can’t deny him…

IMG 3691 Please...
when you’re this cute it’s hard to say no…

Snow on a Black Dog

December 21, 2010
IMG 3382 Snow on a Black Dog
If you look closely you can actually see the snowflakes on Monty. 

Boat Trick

December 20, 2010

I know that we already blogged today but we finally managed to get some video of Milo’s “boat trick”

Amanda taught Milo this in just a few daycare visits. Milo loves his little trick and does it frequently throughout the day- just because. icon smile Boat Trick

All Seasons

December 20, 2010

IMG 3339 All Seasons
 Taylor says that the Frisbee is good for all seasons- not just Summer. 
-IMG 3344 All Seasons

IMG 3352 All Seasons

Look into my eyes…

December 17, 2010
 Look into my eyes...
and give me cookies! (or whatever else I want..)
How could you say no to eyes like that! Chinook must get what she wants a lot! 


December 14, 2010
IMG 3101 Shadow
Ben (the shepherd) is Tucker’s (the cattle dog) shadow.
Wherever Tucker goes, or whatever he does Ben is sure to be right behind him. Sometimes literally! 

New Faces

December 13, 2010
We’ve had a lot of new dogs lately- and just no time to get their photos up! 
So here are a few of the more recent ones…
IMG 3093 New Faces
Tia- is very sweet, and very playful!

IMG 2984 New Faces
Maya- she’s very confident and is a party all the time kind of girl

IMG 3003 New Faces
Bruizer is a handsome brute, who is quite the ball of energy. 

IMG 3011 New Faces
Spencer is a fun loving girl who likes to be the center of attention. 

 New Faces
Midas is a very typical boxer- all goofy and playful

IMG 3203 New Faces
Molly loves to wrestle and play tug. 

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