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IMG 1414 Advice for those cold winter days....
Rudy says to cuddle up with a warm blanket, and stay in bed. icon smile Advice for those cold winter days....

Most days by late afternoon the dogs start to tire out and settle in for naps. They sleep on the playsets, or curl up on the floor, or some times in our lap. Normally just the little dogs are allowed on our laps..but Milo (who is a GOLDEN RETRIEVER!) managed to worm his way up and promptly fell asleep.

milolap1 A good place for a nap..
and from a different angle…
milolap2 A good place for a nap..

looks comfy no? lol! 
He must have been, as he slept like this for almost half an hour when I had to get up..

The Office Cat

January 27, 2011

Chewy is such a nut.  The printer is probably her second favourite sleeping spot, after her “inbox”.

chewy 2 The Office Cat

Takin’ a Break

January 26, 2011
IMG 5390 Takin a Break
Jake takes a break for a nap among the chaos. 

Think Pink!

January 26, 2011
Pink 8 Think Pink!

We just received a new shipment from West Paw Design and inside were some fun pink toys!

Pink 1 Think Pink!

I’ll admit, while I’m not much of a “girly girl”, I like pink.

Pink 2 Think Pink!

And with any new toys, they need rigorous testing.

Pink 3 Think Pink!

So I took my girls out to test out the new colour.  :)

Pink 6 Think Pink!

I think they agree it is just as much fun as the other bright colours.

Pink 4 Think Pink!

It may even be more fun!

Pink 5 Think Pink!

Stop in to see what other Zogoflex toys we have in pink!

Small Dog Cuties

January 25, 2011

Just a few random dogs from the “small dog” area this week! We are still loving the new camera lens- makes indoor photos fun!

 IMG 4981 Small Dog Cuties
Buddy- super cute, and one of the funniest dogs at daycare. The noises he makes are unreal. 
IMG 5334 Small Dog Cuties
Perkins- looking strangely innocent…

IMG 5379 Small Dog Cuties
Denny- looking spiffy with his new haircut

IMG 5384 Small Dog Cuties
Rosie, cute as ever!
IMG 5258 Small Dog Cuties
and Jackie, who isn’t really a small dog but we don’t tell her that. icon smile Small Dog Cuties

Just Because…

January 24, 2011
Just because she is so cute!
shelby Just Because...

Belly Rubs!

January 24, 2011

Kalo and Cooper both wanted belly rubs on Friday….

photo Belly Rubs!

 Belly Rubs!

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures… you work with what you got!

Chocolate Cuteness

January 21, 2011

Amy is a new Chocolate Lab that has just started coming to daycare.  She is fun and playful and fits right in with all the other wild and crazy pups.

IMG 5291 Chocolate Cuteness

Archie is a gorgeous german shorthaired pointer.  He too had no trouble making friends on his first day.

IMG 5294 Chocolate Cuteness

All Smiles

January 20, 2011
IMG 5255 All Smiles

IMG 5264 All Smiles
Midas – don’t you love his wrinkles?

IMG 5267 All Smiles

IMG 5268 All Smiles