I Heart Mutts

February 23, 2011

I don’t think it is much of a secret how much I like mutts.

Chinga 5 I Heart Mutts

Purebreds are nice too (don’t get me wrong!), but I love the way with mutts you never know what you are going to get.  Are they going to be big or small? Which breed’s personality will they most resemble?  What weird and wonderful way will their coat look?

Chinga 2 I Heart Mutts

What is in Chinga’s heritage is anyone’s guess.

Chinga 4 I Heart Mutts

I’m sure her unique looks is a conversation starter wherever she goes.  We had fun today trying to guess what she was based on the sound of her bark (she sounds like a schnauzer!), her looks and her personality.  We didn’t have much consensus.  :)

Chinga I Heart Mutts

Did you know you can get your dog’s DNA tested to find out what what breeds they are made up of?  I doubt it is very accurate, but it might be fun just for a laugh if you have a mystery mutt.  There are a few different ones that you can try.  Here are a few I found through google:

  1. DNA My Dog
  2. Wisdom Panel
  3. Dog DNA
If anyone has done had the test done, or gets one done in the future, we’d sure like to hear the results!


  1. Anonymous says:

    We love DNA My Dog. Our dog came back with 4 surprise breeds that all make sense. My Brother also had great results. Not sure about the general accuracy, but for us they seem to be perfect.

  2. Dogert says:

    Mutts are my favorite breed too. :) I haven't had the breed test done to any of mine but I know for sure (knew what her parents are) my Shiloh is half beagle half smooth fox terrier. I also know for sure the breeds of a friend's dog, I love seeing what comes out of genetics. :)

  3. Mrs. JP says:

    Wow, who knew you could get doggy DNA? Chinga is such a cutie pie…we heart mutts too!