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2 vs. 1

February 9, 2011

 2 vs. 1
Archie vs. Milo and Savannah….
You’d be surprised to know that Archie won!

Most of the dogs love the snow and will play outside as much as we allow them. 
 Difference of Opinion...
This is the face I got when I asked Taylor if she wanted to come in yet….

IMG 5653 Difference of Opinion...
Shelby was also quite content to be out in the snow…

 Difference of Opinion...
Legend will actually sleep out in the snow- often he is completely covered in snow! 
IMG 5599 Difference of Opinion...
and little Shepherd baby Journey had a great time plowing through the snowbanks
(and was very helpful while I was shoveling…)
IMG 5565 Difference of Opinion...
Archie, not so much… icon smile Difference of Opinion...
He wants to move somewhere warm. 


February 7, 2011

We may not be enjoying yet another bunch of snow- but the dogs sure are!!!! They had a GREAT time playing in the yard today.

Cody, Milo, and Gus bringing up the front, and Ben and Archie in the back

Norman took the opportunity to eat some snow. icon smile SNOW DAY!

and Jackie waits for me to throw another snowball…

More pictures to come tomorrow! 

A Day of Cute

February 4, 2011

Everyday we have cute dogs, but on Wednesday this week it seemed as though they were extra cute. icon smile A Day of Cute

yesterday 2 A Day of Cute
Soleil who spent the day making friends and cuddling on our laps. 
yesterday 3 A Day of Cute
Karma, who thinks she’s the princess. icon smile A Day of Cute

yesterday 5 A Day of Cute
Charlie- who was cute, and feisty. He had a great first day! 

yesterday 6 A Day of Cute
Sadie- who is adorable and very sweet. 

yesterday 8 A Day of Cute
Big brother Spud who is a wild man and plays non stop. 

yesterday 9 A Day of Cute
and Nox, who may not fit in the “small and cute”  category but he is still very cute!!! 


IMG 5332 Dog of the Month  February
Perkins was very excited to hear that he was dog of the month. 
Only because he knows that there was a new squeaky toy in the package. icon smile Dog of the Month  February
IMG 5369 Dog of the Month  February

Don’t forget to enter your dog each time they come to daycare- the drawbox is on the counter! 

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