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New Website/Blog

April 29, 2011

Some of you may have already discovered this for yourselves but we have a new website!  It is still at the same address (, it just has a totally new look.

website New Website/Blog

Everything is finally in one place and we hope you’ll find things easier to navigate and to find the information you are looking for. It still needs some finishing touches added on but for the most part, it is good to go.  Go check it out and let us know what you think.  Don’t be shy, let us know how we can make it even better.

We are going to officially move our blog over there too so be sure to bookmark

Walking on Air

April 27, 2011

Grizzy has looks and talent!

air Walking on Air

Not So Serious

April 26, 2011
I think it is safe to say that King is Koot’s exact opposite when it comes to expressions while running.
king Not So Serious

Oh So Serious

April 25, 2011

For such a fun loving, goofy guy, Kootenay sure looks serious when he is running.  This is what he looked like in every single picture!

koot Oh So Serious

Gravel Pile

April 21, 2011

We have a big pile of gravel in the big yard in the back (we are waiting for warmer, dryer weather to spread it out).  For whatever reason all the dogs love it.  Buster, is no exception.

gravel Gravel Pile

Alfie’s Wild Hair

April 20, 2011

I don’t think anything more needs to be said….  :)

alfie 3 Alfies Wild Hairalfie 4 Alfies Wild Hair

alfie 5 Alfies Wild Hair

We couldn’t resist a few more.  The dogs were seriously having a good time out there yesterday!

IMG 5621 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Spencer and Abby enjoy a game of tug.

IMG 5641 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Maggie Mae said she is so over the puppy shenanigans that the other dogs were doing – at least when the camera was pointed at her!

IMG 5642 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Best group shot ever!  Except for Pele in the middle, who was beating up her brother Norman – as usual!

IMG 5649 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Happy Spencer

IMG 5685 Snow Crazies   Part 3
True coaxing Jackie into a game of wrestling.

IMG 5695 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Jake and Joule playing King and Queen of the Castle

IMG 5698 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Amy looking all serious, right before running off and acting like a puppy.

IMG 5718 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Kaycee and Jake comparing toys

IMG 5757 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Archie doing his best to keep the ball away from Chinook and Jake

IMG 5792 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Jasper and Chinook dancing.

IMG 5821 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Cooper going as fast as he can with the ball.

IMG 5877 Snow Crazies   Part 3
Kerry flirting with Lola.  He is quite the ladies man.
Happy Friday everyone!

And here are some more from this morning.  These were taken before all the dogs had arrived, hence why you are seeing lots of some dogs and none of others.

IMG 5380 Snow Crazies   Part 2
Abby and Archie
IMG 5444 Snow Crazies   Part 2
Abby and Kaycee

IMG 5454 Snow Crazies   Part 2
Kaycee and Piper


IMG 5476 Snow Crazies   Part 2
Riley – pretty proud of his stick

IMG 5486 Snow Crazies   Part 2
Lyla, Riley (wishing maybe he hadn’t be such a show off, now everyone wants his stick) and Chinook

IMG 5495 Snow Crazies   Part 2
Norm and Pele – aren’t sisters the best Norm?

IMG 5505 Snow Crazies   Part 2

We got some fresh snow over night and while the roads are a mess, the dogs are in heaven.  We took them out for some fun first thing before the snow turned to slush and before the forecasted rain starts.  The dogs had a blast – as you can see from some of the hilarious expressions on their faces.  I took a tonne of photos so we are going to break this into two posts so be sure to check back this afternoon for more.

IMG 5245 Snow Crazies   Part 1

IMG 5255 Snow Crazies   Part 1

IMG 5276 Snow Crazies   Part 1

IMG 5280 Snow Crazies   Part 1

IMG 5282 Snow Crazies   Part 1

IMG 5310 Snow Crazies   Part 1
Chinook and Lyla

IMG 5320 Snow Crazies   Part 1
Ben (the tongue says it all!)

IMG 5326 Snow Crazies   Part 1
Chinook and Archie

IMG 5344 Snow Crazies   Part 1
Piper Archie and Lyla

IMG 5370 Snow Crazies   Part 1

IMG 5373 Snow Crazies   Part 1
Chinook and Kaycee (or maybe Piper?  They are in the same colour collar today.  LOL)

Pet Parade dropped off some yummy sample treat packs for all of you today!  There are lots of different kinds so even if your dog has allergies you may be able to find a type that works for you.

Treats Friendly Neighbourhood Pet Store

And to top it off, there is a 10% off coupon attached.  So don’t forget to pick some up when you pick up your pup!  Thanks Pet Parade!!!

card Friendly Neighbourhood Pet Store
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