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July 28, 2011

We have lots of dogs at daycare that look a like, but none are more similar than the poodles. Specifically, the black standard poodles. It’s not too bad when one is recently groomed, and the other two aren’t. Or, if they all come on different days. But sometimes they all show up on the same day….and that can get a little confusing…

Thankfully up close they do look different, and we rely on different coloured collars to help identify who is who from afar. icon smile Look A Likes

IMG 2401 682x1024 Look A LikesCooper

IMG 0394 1024x682 Look A LikesCarter

IMG 3114 682x1024 Look A LikesMonty

Finn is a Bull Terrier. For those that don’t know, Bull Terriers are known as the clowns of the dog world. Finn is no exception. He just does the funniest things. I took him out by himself to get a photo for our “Todays Visitors” board and couldn’t help but laugh as I looked through the photos.

IMG 2374 682x1024 The many faces of FinnMy name is Finn, and I’m really happy!

IMG 2339 682x1024 The many faces of FinnI gotta toy, wanna throw it for me?

IMG 2363 682x1024 The many faces of FinnDid someone say cookie?

IMG 2355 682x1024 The many faces of FinnOh Geeez, are we done yet? I got girls to kiss…

IMG 2360 682x1024 The many faces of FinnThis is soooo boring!

IMG 2357 682x1024 The many faces of FinnI get a cookie now?!!!

P.S I know I promised the trick contest but I am having a hard time uploading the videos! I am working on it though- be patient!


July 21, 2011

So I wasn’t there to photograph Oliver, but I just couldn’t resist.

Oliver 2 Oliver

How sweet is this old face?

Oliver1 Oliver

And he has the personality to match.

Oliver 31 Oliver

Sorry for being such a bad blogger this past week! We’ll make it up to you with some cute photos of a few newer dogs. icon smile Cute dogs make up for bad blogging. :)

This little cutie is Bella. She is a great example of a dog who took a little time to get used to daycare but now loves it. She has lots of little daycare friends, and is always running around looking for someone to play with.

IMG 2091 682x1024 Cute dogs make up for bad blogging. :)

This is Keely. She is a party girl, and will play with any dog regardless of size. She seems to really enjoy the little guys.

IMG 2030 682x1024 Cute dogs make up for bad blogging. :)

Hazel is a Collie pup who is in a constant state of movement and action. When she isn’t running around she is very funny and seems to have a great sense of humour.

IMG 1930 682x1024 Cute dogs make up for bad blogging. :)

Handsome Cooper, although he looks regal you can see that naughty twinkle in his eye. icon smile Cute dogs make up for bad blogging. :)

He is great player and doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s pretty convinced that everyone wants to be his friend. IMG 2207 682x1024 Cute dogs make up for bad blogging. :)

P.S  Today was supposed to be the cut off date for the video/photo submissions of your dogs trick, but we’ve only recieved ONE so I am going to hold off until Friday to post them to give you more time. icon smile Cute dogs make up for bad blogging. :) The prize is ready and waiting! Get your phones out and snap a quick picture or video and send it to us!

Trick Contest!

July 13, 2011

This is Kirklin, she is new to the daycare but has already made loads of friends and has settled in to the routine of fun, fun, and more fun. icon smile Trick Contest!

IMG 2012 682x1024 Trick Contest!

Not only is Kirklin super cute, but she knows LOTS of tricks and was happy to demonstrate them for me.

IMG 2001 682x1024 Trick Contest!

her shake a paw (hard to take a picture of that. icon smile Trick Contest! )

IMG 2020 682x1024 Trick Contest!

her dead dog impression. lol

IMG 2002 576x1024 Trick Contest!

and the cutest one (in my opinion)- her sit pretty. SO Cute!


Tricks are a great way to help fine tune your dogs training, and can be a great confidence builder for dogs. And of course it’s nice to show off to your friends and family just how smart your dog is. icon smile Trick Contest! I challenge our daycare clients to a trick contest! Take a photo, or video and email it to, we will compile them all and post them to the blog next Wednesday. We’ll take a vote, and the winner will come away with a pretty cool prize!  Good Luck and happy trick teaching!

Dog on the Job

July 12, 2011

Elvis 3 Dog on the Job

I met up with Elvis this past weekend.

Elvis 5 Dog on the Job

He is a gorgeous, fun loving English Springer Spaniel.

Elvis 4 Dog on the Job

He really knows how to have a good time.  But he also knows when it is time to work.  Elvis is a Mould Detection Dog.  He is starting to work with his dad at finding dangerous mould in buildings.  Pretty cool eh?

Elvis 6 Dog on the Job

These are scent boxes – only one of them has the mould inside and when he finds it, he instantly sits.  We put him through 3 or 4 different trials and he got it right every time.  It was pretty cool to see.  There was no hesitation at all – he knew exactly what he was doing.

Elvis 8 Dog on the Job

Once the job was over, it was back to play time. I have a feeling that Elvis isn’t the kind of dog that will never be all work and no play.  :)

Elvis 9 Dog on the Job

Thanks Rebecca and James for introducing me to your incredible dog!

Taking Flight

July 11, 2011

Chloe Taking Flight

I met with Chloe on Saturday morning for an early photo session.

Chloe 17 Taking Flight

It was super windy, but we still managed to have a good time.  At least there were no mosquitoes!

Chloe 2 Taking Flight

It didn’t take long for her to become very attached to the itty bitty tennis ball I brought.  Unfortunately we lost it near the beginning of the walk and she didn’t want give up looking for it!

Chloe 12 Taking Flight

We finally convinced her to carry on without it.  She eventually played with the other toys I brought, but you could tell, she really wanted the tennis ball instead.  ;)

Chloe 30 Taking Flight

There were a few specific shots her mom was looking for and she wasn’t really cooperating – it involved sitting still and she just wasn’t into that.  But by the end of the walk, she was becoming quite the little poser.

Chloe 28 Taking Flight

For most of the walk, she wasn’t venturing too far from our sides, even though she is usually a bit more of a free spirit.  She knew I had cookies in my pocket and who knew what would happen to them if she wandered off too far.  Whenever we met up with other dogs, she would always check to make sure her cookies weren’t being given out to strangers.  ;)

Chloe 44 Taking Flight

Thanks Chloe and Lynn for a great start to the weekend.  I hope you enjoy the photos and got everything you were looking for (and more!).

Chloe 14 Taking Flight


July 8, 2011

Once Amy left the pool yesterday, Isis took over.

Isis 2 Snorkelling

She enjoyed snorkelling.  She would stick her nose under the water and walk around like that.

Isis Snorkelling

Then when she found what she was looking for, she would dig like crazy.

Isis 4 Snorkelling

What were the rest of the dogs doing while this went on?  They were just hanging out on the sidelines.

Isis 3 Snorkelling

Aside from most of the labs, none of the other dogs were interested in the pool yesterday, except as a giant drinking bowl.

Splish Splash

July 7, 2011

Amy had the time of her life today playing with the hose while we filled the pool.

Amy Splish Splash

Amy 2 Splish Splash

Amy 3 Splish Splash

Amy 4 Splish Splash

Amy 5 Splish Splash

Amy 6 Splish Splash

Once the hose stopped though, that was it.  The pool stopped being fun for her and a roll in the gravel was in order.

Amy 10 Splish Splash

Jack (of Jack and Kerry fame) is Dog of the Month!  Congratulations Jack, we hope you enjoy the goody bag we have for you.

Jack 682x1024 Jack   Dog of the Month!

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