A Lesson

August 25, 2011

I haven’t had much time to even look through the photos I took at last weekend’s CKC Agility Trial, and I’ve just started going through Sunday for the first time.  If you are patiently waiting, I hope to have them up some time on Saturday!  Anyway, as I was going through the photos, I spotted this series and  thought I’d share a lesson on how NOT to leave the teeter.  Hope you don’t mind Kiersten!  :)

Lesson 1 1024x682 A Lesson

Lesson 2 1024x682 A Lesson

Lesson 3 1024x682 A Lesson

Lesson 4 1024x682 A Lesson

Lesson 5 1024x682 A Lesson

1 Comment

  1. Kiersten Lloyd says:

    I still laugh when I see the expression on Furai’s face…. OH CRAP!! There was no injury incurred and she was made to do the teeter correctly immediately…