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Newer Faces

October 26, 2011

We’ve had quite a few new pups here lately.  Last week especially seems to bring quite a few new dogs so we thought we’d introduce you to a few.

This cute little baby is Bender…

New 2 Newer Faces


This is Killam – he was very excited to catch the ball.

New 3 Newer Faces

This is the very handsome Reggie that we were happy to FINALLY meet! (He’s Buster’s new brother)

New 4 Newer Faces


And last, but not least, is the little firecracker Robby!

New Newer Faces


October 22, 2011

Last weekend, Grizzy, her mom and I headed out to the Fort Macleod dog park.  We all drove out there together and I managed to keep the front seat to myself the entire time – despite a few attempts from Grizz to use me as a pillow.  (I noticed on the way home, she was too tired to do anything but curl up on the back seat.)

Grizzy 2 Grizzy


I think Grizzy had a pretty good time.  She seemed to have  a smile on her face the entire time.



Grizzy1 Grizzy

At least, as far as we could tell, she was always smiling.  We saw a lot of this…

Grizzy 3 Grizzy


I love all the wonderful shrubbery and tall grasses in this area.  Grizzy had a blast running all over the place breathing in all the interesting smells.  Personally, I wanted her to stay on the paths so I had a decent chance of getting a picture without grasses covering half her face.  She complied a few times, but it never lasted long.  :)

Grizzy 4 Grizzy


But no worries.  Our cure for that was to head down to the river.  Grizzy was equally happy to be running down along the shore.

Grizzy 5 Grizzy

I also asked her to pose on a rock for me.  She was more than happy to agree because she knew she would get a cookie.

Grizzy 6 Grizzy


But then she turned into a modeling diva and started demanding the cookies at a rate faster than I was willing to dole them out!  LOL

Grizzy 8 Grizzy


Ah Grizzy.  I really do love your sassiness.  There is never a dull moment with you around.  Thanks ladies for a great morning.  It was the perfect start to the weekend.

Grizzy2 2 Grizzy

If you’ve never been to the dog park in Fort Macleod before, it my opinion, it is worth the drive on occasion  For the most part, you wander amongst the trees and shrubs along deer paths trying not to get lost. I tend to turn the GPS on my phone on incase I get turned around. (I’ve been known to be stuck out there a little longer than I planned trying to find the way back to my car, but I have a HORRIBLE sense of direction.  I’m sure the rest of you will be fine.)  If your dog is used to the all the prairie grasses, this area gives them a tonne of wonderful new smells to enjoy.  Just keep your eyes open for wildlife (I’ve seen deer and elk down there).

Never Serious

October 21, 2011

Molly can’t keep a serious expression on her face no matter how hard she tries!

Molly Never Serious
Have a great weekend everyone!


October 20, 2011

Me:  All right everyone, time to come in.

Chuck: But I just got the toy and I want to play with it in peace.

Bruno 3 Chuck



Me: Chuck, come on.  Time to go.

Chuck: You must be talking to the other Chuck.  You know, the imaginary one that is over there somewhere.  You can’t mean me.

Bruno 2 ChuckMe: Chuck!  Come on.  Everyone else is already inside.

Chuck: But I am playing so cutely with the toy, don’t you think?

Bruno 8 Chuck

Me: Yes Chuck, you are adorable, but I’m cold and want to go in.

Chuck: But I love this toy.

Bruno 7 ChuckMe: You can bring it with you if you want.

Chuck:  Why didn’t you say so?  I’m coming!

Bruno 9 Chuck












Happy Face

October 19, 2011

Hey Spencer!  Why the big smile?

Spencer Happy Face

Oh I see!  You manage to get the toy. You are looking mighty proud of yourself.

Spencer 2 Happy Face

Enjoy it while you can!

Spencer 3 Happy Face

Black and White

October 18, 2011

For some reason only the black or black and white dogs were willing to stand in the sunlight at the door for me.  Thanks Towhee, Jackie and Monty for humouring me!

Door Black and White

Door 2 Black and White

Door 3 Black and White

Job Opportunity

October 17, 2011

IMG 8856 1024x682 Job Opportunity

Maureen had her last day with us last week.  We were sad to see her go, but she hasn’t gone far. She is working full time at Park Pet Vet Clinic now.

So we have a few shifts available if anyone is looking for some fun, part-time work.  We require someone for Monday and Friday afternoons as well as one other shift during the week (you can pick which one!).  There is more information if you click the “Employment” tag at the top of the blog.

The Windy City Canine Rescue and the Lethbridge Fire Department have put together a very fun calendar for 2012. The calendars will cost $20 and will be available for sale at a few pet stores and vet clinics around town by the end of the month.  You can sign up to receive a notice when they are available or you can just stalk their blog or facebook page to get updates.  We will have some available for sale at the daycare too.

Calendar Poster small 1024x791 Windy City Canine Rescue Calendar

I didn’t take any of the photos for the calendar, but I helped coordinate the project and I was the “official dog wrangler” at the sessions.  I was the obnoxious person waving treats, squeaking toys and making high pitched noises to get the dogs to look at the camera.  Lorelei Hoffarth volunteered her time and talents and took all the amazing photos for this project.  She did such an incredible job!!!  All the firemen were such good sports (and great models) and all the dogs had a pretty good time too.

Most days I didn’t even snap a single picture, but we did have one little model that didn’t need my coaxing (she actually slept through most of her session!) so I was able to take a few.  The rescue is slowly releasing each month (You can see January here), but as these aren’t in the calendar, I thought I’d give you an extra little sneak peak of who you can expect to see in November.  This is Firefighter/EMT Kevin McKeown with Penny.

Firemen Windy City Canine Rescue Calendar

Firemen 5 Windy City Canine Rescue Calendar

Firemen 4 Windy City Canine Rescue Calendar

Firemen 3 Windy City Canine Rescue Calendar

Firemen 2 Windy City Canine Rescue Calendar

Indoor Shots

October 13, 2011

I took a few more indoor shots with the wide angle last week…  Please excuse the dirty floors – it was one of the days it was very wet out!

wetfloors Indoor Shots


wetfloors 3 Indoor Shots

wetfloors 4 Indoor Shots


Wide Angle Fun

October 12, 2011

I rented a wide angle lens the other week…

wide 2 Wide Angle Fun

Daisy and Cassie enjoyed showing off their ‘stashes.  :)

wide Wide Angle Fun

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