October 22, 2011

Last weekend, Grizzy, her mom and I headed out to the Fort Macleod dog park.  We all drove out there together and I managed to keep the front seat to myself the entire time – despite a few attempts from Grizz to use me as a pillow.  (I noticed on the way home, she was too tired to do anything but curl up on the back seat.)

Grizzy 2 Grizzy


I think Grizzy had a pretty good time.  She seemed to have  a smile on her face the entire time.



Grizzy1 Grizzy

At least, as far as we could tell, she was always smiling.  We saw a lot of this…

Grizzy 3 Grizzy


I love all the wonderful shrubbery and tall grasses in this area.  Grizzy had a blast running all over the place breathing in all the interesting smells.  Personally, I wanted her to stay on the paths so I had a decent chance of getting a picture without grasses covering half her face.  She complied a few times, but it never lasted long.  :)

Grizzy 4 Grizzy


But no worries.  Our cure for that was to head down to the river.  Grizzy was equally happy to be running down along the shore.

Grizzy 5 Grizzy

I also asked her to pose on a rock for me.  She was more than happy to agree because she knew she would get a cookie.

Grizzy 6 Grizzy


But then she turned into a modeling diva and started demanding the cookies at a rate faster than I was willing to dole them out!  LOL

Grizzy 8 Grizzy


Ah Grizzy.  I really do love your sassiness.  There is never a dull moment with you around.  Thanks ladies for a great morning.  It was the perfect start to the weekend.

Grizzy2 2 Grizzy

If you’ve never been to the dog park in Fort Macleod before, it my opinion, it is worth the drive on occasion  For the most part, you wander amongst the trees and shrubs along deer paths trying not to get lost. I tend to turn the GPS on my phone on incase I get turned around. (I’ve been known to be stuck out there a little longer than I planned trying to find the way back to my car, but I have a HORRIBLE sense of direction.  I’m sure the rest of you will be fine.)  If your dog is used to the all the prairie grasses, this area gives them a tonne of wonderful new smells to enjoy.  Just keep your eyes open for wildlife (I’ve seen deer and elk down there).

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