October 20, 2011

Me:  All right everyone, time to come in.

Chuck: But I just got the toy and I want to play with it in peace.

Bruno 3 Chuck



Me: Chuck, come on.  Time to go.

Chuck: You must be talking to the other Chuck.  You know, the imaginary one that is over there somewhere.  You can’t mean me.

Bruno 2 ChuckMe: Chuck!  Come on.  Everyone else is already inside.

Chuck: But I am playing so cutely with the toy, don’t you think?

Bruno 8 Chuck

Me: Yes Chuck, you are adorable, but I’m cold and want to go in.

Chuck: But I love this toy.

Bruno 7 ChuckMe: You can bring it with you if you want.

Chuck:  Why didn’t you say so?  I’m coming!

Bruno 9 Chuck












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